Jeong Jung-jeong scored ‘abnormal range’ on psychopathy test…normal range score is

According to the Busan National Police Agency on the 6th, they are analyzing the results of a psychopath diagnostic test recently conducted on Jung Yoo-jeong.

Prior to this, the police said, “Based on the analysis of the diagnostic test so far, it seems that Jung Yoo-jeong does not fall into the category of normal people.”

The psychopathy diagnostic test is a 20-question test with a total score of 40 points, and a person is considered a psychopath if they score 25 points or more in South Korea and 30 points or more in the United States. In the general population, scores around 15 are known.

However, the diagnosis of psychopathy is made by a clinical expert based on a combination of data such as the subject’s past behavior and upbringing, psychiatric diagnoses, past criminal behavior, and the results of profiler interviews.

The police are currently analyzing Jung’s results by question and comparing them with the test results of suspects in major murder cases in the past, so the exact diagnosis of psychopathy will be made after further analysis.

On the other hand, some have suggested that Jung is not a typical psychopath. This is due to the fact that Jung’s criminal behavior was somewhat flawed and she only briefly expressed her apologies to the victim.

(Photo courtesy of News1)
On CBS Radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ on the 2nd, lawyer Sohn Soo-ho, who hosts the ‘Detective Sohn Soo-ho’ segment, said, “It completely depends on whether (Jung Yoo-jeong) simply answered ‘yes’ to the question ‘aren’t you sorry’ or whether she really felt guilty and expressed her apology, but there are reports that she apologized anyway.”

“There were blood stains on the bag (where the body was disposed of), she used a taxi, and she probably did a lot of things to the taxi driver that made him suspicious안전놀이터,” he said.

He noted that Jung had been disconnected from society and believed that this type of crime could increase.

Regarding Jung’s statement in the recent police investigation that she “wanted to commit murder,” he said, “If you think about it, there is no particular motive,” and said that the reason why she turned her imagination into reality and her thought process at the time should be revealed.

“There are probably quite a few people who are in a similar situation to Jung Yoo-jeong right now,” Son said, “and some of them have moved on to actual crimes, but we need to find out how they did it and under what circumstances, and stop them.”

Earlier, on March 26, at around 5:40 p.m., Jung pretended to be a parent of a middle school student through a tutoring app and approached A, 20, who was registered as a tutor, saying, “I want you to tutor my daughter,” and went to A’s house wearing a school uniform purchased from a second-hand trading site and murdered A. At the time of the crime, some of the body parts were found.

Jung Jeong-jeong is seen dragging a suitcase containing a partial body during the crime. (Photo: KBS screen capture)
He then mutilated the body, put it in a suitcase, boarded a taxi, and dumped it along the Nakdong River in Yangsan, Gyeongnam, where he usually walks. In the process, he was arrested as a suspect following a report from a taxi driver who found it strange that a suitcase with blood stains was dumped in the woods.

Immediately after his arrest, Jung falsely stated that “a stranger was committing the murder and told me to dispose of the body,” and that he “accidentally committed the crime while arguing with the victim,” but five days later, on March 31, when it was confirmed that only Jung was seen on CCTV at the time, he confessed that he “wanted to kill.”

He had been searching for keywords related to “murder” on his phone for three months before the crime, and had been preparing for the murder by watching broadcast programs related to criminal investigations.

The police investigation also revealed a peculiarity in Jung’s behavior. CCTV footage showed him walking briskly with a suitcase on his way back to his home after dumping some of the bodies, and it was also revealed that he took off his blood-stained school uniform and changed into the victim’s clothes before fleeing the scene.

Meanwhile, the police will finalize further analysis of Jung’s psychopathy and submit it to prosecutors as early as the 7th. The prosecution plans to continue the investigation until the 11th, when the detention period ends, and extend the detention period further if necessary.

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