Japanese media absurd remarks “Korean soccer leaders don’t study… The 2002 generation are doing YouTubers”

Now, both baseball and soccer are not good for Korea in Japan.”

As Korea recently lost to Japan in popular sports baseball and soccer, the Japanese media also pointed out the fundamental problems of Korean sports.

The baseball team led by coach Lee Kang-cheol returned home with the shocking result of being eliminated in the group stage at the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in Tokyo, Japan. Korea suffered a crushing defeat against Japan, 4-13, revealing a significant difference in skill. Korea beat the Czech Republic (7-3 wins) and China (22-2 wins), but failed to recover its shattered pride.

At the same tournament, Japan won the championship by defeating the United States 3-2 in the final, centered on Shohei Otani. Ohtani, who struck out fellow Los Angeles Angels teammate Mike Trout in the last minute of the finals, was named MVP of the tournament.

Soccer is also being pushed back by Japan바카라. The national soccer team lost 0-3 to Japan in Yokohama in March 2021. Afterwards, at the East Asian Championships in July of last year, Korea met Japan again and lost miserably 0-3. Korea’s performance was too disastrous to boast that Son Heung-min did not play.

The ‘hypoxia’ that Japanese soccer felt in Korea is an old saying. The soccer gap between Korea and Japan is widening. The U23 national team, led by head coach Hwang Seon-hong, lost 0-3 after a lethargic match against Japan in the quarterfinals of the Asian Cup last July. Moreover, the Japanese national team was made up of two-year-old U21 players. The U16 national team also collapsed 0-3 to Japan in June of last year.

The Japanese press also pointed out Korea’s problems. ‘Number Web’ said, “Korea was defeated by Japan at the WBC. In football, there is a crisis theory that the power gap with Japan has widened. In the match against Japan since March 2021, Japan has won 6 matches and the score is 18-0”, showing a sense of superiority.

The media continued, “In Japan, coach Moriyasu, who led the Qatar World Cup round of 16, will lead until the next World Cup. Korea continues to change leaders. Manager Bento stepped down and only Klins was appointed. Korea has a thin layer of leaders. Leaders like Hong Myung-bo, a famous player in the 1990s, came out, but after 2014, he could not continue to lead the team in 2018. The generation of the 2002 World Cup did not grow as leaders and became YouTubers.” They shot down Kim Byeong-ji and Lee Chun-soo, who are active as YouTubers.

‘Number Web’ said, “Korea is repeating the state of looking for a foreign coach, embarrassed at zero base after the World Cup. It will be rare for a big coach to come to East Asia,” he said, underestimating Klinsman’s appointment.

He also pointed out the fundamental problems of Korean sports. The Japanese press said, “In Korea, when a player is selected, they do not attend school classes and only exercise in the dormitory without vacation. Today’s leaders are a generation that confidently says, ‘I have never even read a textbook’. There is a difference in the constitution of leaders from Japan,” he said, disparaging Korean leaders.

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