It’s hard to be like my father… Ronaldinho’s son explodes with harsh criticism before his debut

Ronaldinho’s son received harsh criticism during his debut match.

Ronaldinho’s son, Joao Mendes de Assis, announced the news of his joining Barcelona early last month on his social media account. It was not the first team, but it was to join La Masia, a Barcelona youth team. As his father, Ronaldinho, is a Barcelona legend, Mendes’ joining La Masia became a hot topic. Ronaldinho was also delighted with the news that his son would join Barcelona.

Mendes made his debut. However카지노사이트, perhaps because of his heavy burden, Mendes was sluggish, and after the game, he was criticized for his disappointing performance before his debut. In addition, his play compared to his father’s active days earned a lot of criticism.

Britain’s ‘Daily Mail’ reported: “Mendes, Ronaldinho’s son, finally made his debut for Barcelona, ​​but fans were not impressed with Mendes’ play. “A lot of fans expected Mendes to live up to expectations like his father, but Mendes didn’t show his talent like his father in his first game.”

A video of Mendes before his debut circulated on social media. This video, which is about 29 seconds long, is a collection of Mendes’ ball touches and movements in the game that day. In the video, Mendes tried to beat the opponent’s defender with individual skills like his father’s active career, but failed.

Fans who saw the video also expressed their disappointment. ‘Daily Mail’ released fans’ reactions to Mendes’ video. Fans criticized Mendes’ disappointing performance, saying, “There are 16-year-olds east of London, England, who do better than him,” “I don’t think he has an ounce of talent,” and “I couldn’t beat a single dribbler.”

There were also fans cheering for Mendes. It was said that he needed to be watched as he was still a young player. One fan said: “This season is Mendes’ first season. Mendes will adapt to the elite academy level and it’s up to him after that,” adding that Mendes has the potential to become a better player.

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