Is 155km also a feather ball… 33p home run pace, Kikuchi’s unstoppable home run factory

Kikuchi Yusei (Toronto) is poised to become the home run factory manager. This is the 33rd home run pace this season.

Yusei Kikuchi started the game against the Baltimore Orioles in the ‘2023 Major League’ held at the Rogers Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the 20th (hereinafter Korean time) and recorded 4 ⅔ innings, 3 hits (1 home run), 4 walks, 3 strikeouts and 3 runs on the mound. came down The season’s ERA rose to 4.08 and failed to prevent the team from losing 2-6. 

On this day, as always, Kikuchi had problems with walks and long hits. After two outs in the first inning, Ryan Mountcastle and Anthony Santander walked consecutively, causing a crisis with two outs on first and second base, but Austin Hayes turned first baseman into a floating ball and ended the first inning. 

In the second inning, he was hit with a double by lead batter Ryan McKenna and was driven to second base safely. However, after striking out Jorge Mateo, he weeded out the runner on second base in check. Afterwards, he turned Adam Frazier on a grounder to first base. There were no major problems until the 2nd time토스카지노.

Danny Jansen’s timely hit at the end of the second inning gave the batter the first run. However, this one-point lead was immediately dedicated. Leading batter Joey Ortis got a heavy hit. Cedric Mullins was induced with a shortstop ground ball, but the crisis was amplified with one out, first and second base, giving Adley Lutchman a walk. In the end, Ryan Mountcastle hit a three-run home run in the middle of the month. The 96.4 mile (155.1 km) fastball thrown in 1 ball 1 strike was hit. 

 In the 4th inning, he seemed to find stability by making a tripartite inning. However, in the 5th inning, he caught Joey Otis and Cedric Mullins well and gave up another walk to Adley Luchman. Ryan Mountcastle, who hit a home run in the first at-bat with 2nd out, entered the at-bat. The Toronto bench grated Kikuchi without delay. Trevor Richards, who saved Kikuchi, ended the inning by returning Mountcastle to a floating ball in right field. 

With this, he recorded a home run once again after the 3 home run game against Atlanta on the 15th. His 12th home run of the season. Up to this day, in a total of 9 starts, only 2 were games without a home run. To Kikuchi, home runs are regarded as a constant. Under the assumption that he plays full-time rotation, Kikuchi’s current home run pace is 33. 

After hitting 36 home runs in his debut season in 2019, he hit 3 home runs in his shortened 2020 season. However, he is contributing a number of home runs every year, with 27 in 2021 and 23 in 2022. 

He is a Kikuchi who throws a fastball averaging 95.2 miles (153.2 km). According to Baseball Savant, it is a speed belonging to the top 23%. It is a high-level position. However, it seems that this pitch does not lead to the result of completely overwhelming the batter. The speed of balls hit by Kikuchi this season is 92.5 miles (148.9 km), which is in the bottom 4%. If it fits, it can be interpreted as meaning that it is a correct hit. It has to be a mystery.

In the end, the home run that Kikuchi gave away continued as the result of the game that day. After suffering two consecutive losses, the season became 25 wins and 20losses.

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