He wore shoes instead of golf shoes, and a black suit instead of golf wear. It is the day when professional golfer Jeon In-ji (28) explains her paintings at the gallery. “Even on the plane going to and from the venue, I carried a sketchbook and colored pencils and sketched whenever inspiration struck. I didn’t have much time to work, so I tried to put more sincerity while working.”

From the 17th of this month to the 7th of next month, Jeon In-ji will hold an exhibition titled ‘The Parrot Meets Dumbo’ with Park Seon-mi at the Bon Gallery in Jongno-gu, Seoul. Author Park Seon-mi has mainly used parrots as a medium to solve her philosophical and humanistic themes in a pleasant and easy-to-understand way. Jeon In-ji, who is always curious and asks questions, is nicknamed ‘Dumbo’, a baby elephant flying in the sky with big ears flapping in the animation. Collaborative works by the two, such as ‘Reclaimed Me’ and ‘Curiosity’, as well as individual works will be introduced in the exhibition.

Jeon In-ji, who held a press conference on the 15th, said that she first met Park Seon-mi at the artist’s solo exhibition last December. Shortly thereafter, she was invited to a studio and drew for eight hours, which she says she did not like when she got home. “It was a time when I had a lot of doubts about myself and my state of mind was not bright. Maybe that’s why my paintings also felt dark.” The next day, Jeon In-ji contacted artist Seon-mi Park, asking, “Can you draw again?” Artist Park Seon-mi said, “Jeon In-ji is very observant and has a talent for drawing.”

It was last May that we started working together in earnest. Jeon In-ji, who is active on the LPGA tour, visits the studio whenever she has time to come to Korea. Then, last June, she won the Women’s PGA Championship, a major tournament, ending a long slump of 3 years and 8 months. He has won three of his four LPGA Tour careers in majors.

Jeon In-ji, who finished this season in third place in the prize money rankings (2,673,860 dollars, about 3.5 billion won), said, “As a player, it is very important to balance life.” I was able to approach golf with sparkling eyes.” If you think about golf all day, you suffer from stress that is difficult to handle, but with hobbies and topics other than golf, you have come to see the world from a bigger perspective. “I had a time to share my thoughts while drinking tea with the author for a joint work,” he said. “After the conversation, it felt like reading a book, so it was a meaningful time.” 토토

Question marks large and small stand out in each of Inji Jeon’s works displayed in the exhibition. It is said that she melted the process of approaching the essence with endless questions rather than blindly accepting a given situation. He said, “The things I felt during my life as a player and the things I could capture in my paintings are limitless.” Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to the scholarship foundation he runs.