Incheon United, extended contracts with one-club man goalkeeper Lee Tae-hee and Kim Dong-heon

Professional soccer K League 1 Incheon United signed extension contracts with goalkeepers Lee Tae-hee and Kim Dong-heon.

The Incheon club announced on the 2nd that it had agreed to a two-year contract extension with Lee Tae-hee and Kim Dong-heon, two former goalkeepers from the club’s youth team, for two years and one year, respectively. Lee Tae-hee’s contract period 먹튀검증 is until 2025, and Kim Dong-heon’s contract period is until 2024.

Lee Tae-hee made his professional debut in Incheon in the 2014 season and Kim Dong-heon in the 2019 season. Lee Tae-hee was immediately called up from Daegeon High School ahead of the 2014 season, and Kim Dong-hun graduated from Daegeon High School and went to Yongin University in 2016. In his third year, he contributed to winning the ‘2018 U-League Wangjungwangjeon’ and joined Incheon in 2019.

Both players are ‘one-club men’ who have been active only in Incheon ever since their debut. The two played only in Incheon for more than 10 years, including the youth team period, so it is no different from the living history of the club.

Lee Tae-hee, who played in 91 K-League games, and Kim Dong-heon, who played 41 games, shared the club’s dramatic K-League 1 survival moments. And in the 2022 season, Lee Tae-hee played in 12 games and Kim Dong-heon played in 25 games, contributing to Incheon’s first Asian Champions League (ACL) advancement. In particular, Kim Dong-heon ranked first in the K-League 1 leading scorer in the 2022 season and became the best goalkeeper in the league.

Lee Tae-hee, who has been with the club longer, said, “I am honored to be with Incheon for a longer time. I am looking forward to playing his first Asian stage after joining Incheon,” he said of his contract extension.

Kim Dong-heon also said, “I have been in Incheon longer with my role model (Lee) Tae-hee, reliable (Min) Seong-jun, and (Kim) Yoo-seong. Very happy. The four goalkeepers from the club’s youth team will work together for the development of the team.”

Min Seong-jun and Kim Yu-seong, who had previously succeeded in extending and renewing their contracts, also expressed their commitment to the new season, saying, “I will firmly defend Incheon’s goal with my brothers.”

Meanwhile, Lee Tae-hee and Kim Dong-hun, who have agreed to an extension contract with the Incheon club, are sweating hard to prepare for the 2023 season at the team’s winter training in Chiang Mai, Thailand since last January.

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