“I’m most afraid of retaliation… I can’t sleep without sleeping pills” Victim’s tears

After the trial, the victim shed tears again. Later, he said that he was most afraid that the perpetrator could retaliate against him after he was released from prison스포츠토토, and that he wanted to see the Supreme Court judge.

Reporter Hong Seung-yeon listened to the victim’s story.


The victim, who attended the trial with a nervous face, shed tears, saying that he was very sorry for the sentence of 20 years in prison.

[Victim: When he is released from prison, he will be 50 (years old), but how can I live if no one protects the person who will openly retaliate like that… .] The victim, who left the courtroom and met with SBS reporters, said that it was difficult to understand why the court reduced the sentence, saying that there was not enough evidence to admit that the murder was only an attempted murder and that the actual sexual assault crime was

committed .

[Victim: Just because the person’s family is poor doesn’t mean I’m less injured. It was an attempted murder by chance, but I keep thinking, why do you think this is an attempted murder… .]

In May of last year, after being indiscriminately assaulted on the way home, the ordinary daily life of a designer completely collapsed.

I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t take sleeping pills, and I had symptoms of looking back habitually due to extreme mental aftereffects.

Above all, he said that he was most afraid that the perpetrator could take revenge after being released from prison.

[Victim: If I didn’t take the medicine, I woke up every two and a half hours, and I thought it would get better, but it’s still the same. I didn’t do almost anything all year, and I didn’t (enter) work… .]

The court also judged in the judgment that it was difficult to gauge how long the victim’s physical and mental aftereffects would last.

The victim expressed his desire to receive the final judgment of the Supreme Court.

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