“I’m happy at Inter♡” Lukaku’s proven ‘Leave Chelsea’ effect, Rudiger also challenges the championship

 It seems that the effect of ‘Taltenham’ (escape from Chelsea) is as certain as ‘Taltenham’ (escape from Tottenham).

As English club Chelsea continue their 토스카지노endless decline, key players who left Chelsea this season are getting good results with their new clubs.

‘Monster striker’ Romelu Lukaku succeeded in advancing to the European Champions League final at Inter Milan, where he transferred on loan.

On the 17th (Korean time), Inter Milan won 1-0 in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Milan rival AC Milan, with an aggregate score of 3-0, winning the final ticket for the first time in 13 years since 2010.

Lukaku sparked controversy last season when he gave an interview at Chelsea saying he was ‘unhappy’. Publicly expressing his desire to return to Inter Milan, he made the Chelsea club and fans uncomfortable.

Eventually, Lukaku, who returned to Inter Milan after the season, scored a valuable goal in the first leg of the quarter-final against Benfica, although he was silent in the two semi-finals against Milan. He scored a total of three goals in the Champions League alone and helped them reach the final.

The form at the end of the season also came back to life like a ghost. Lukaku, who scored multiple goals in an away league match against Empoli on April 23, scored consecutive goals against Roma and Sassuolo this month. In peak condition, he will go to the final with the winners of Man City and Real Madrid.

As Lukaku’s performance continues, Chelsea’s heart can only become more complicated. Chelsea felt the absence of an authentic goal scorer this season and fell to 11th as of the 36th round. The best ranking you can hope for is 10th.

According to local media, manager Mauricio Pochettino, who is certain to be Chelsea’s next manager, plans to use Lukaku as a forward striker next season. It is unclear whether Lukaku will be happ

Lukaku is not the only player who has proven the ‘Talchel’ effect. Defender Antonio Rudiger (Real) is also one step away from reaching the Champions League final. In the situation of a 1-1 draw in the first leg of the semi-finals with Man City, he will go on an away road to Man City on the 18th.

Rudiger marked the opponent’s ace Elling Halan strongly in the first match against Man City. In the end, Haalan, who set a new Premier League record for most goals in a single season, was stuck in front of Rudiger. Manchester City’s goal was scored by midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

In addition, Marcos Alonso and Andreas Christensen, who entered Barcelona side by side, experienced winning the Primera Liga and Supercoppa in Barcelona.

y to return to Chelsea.

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