“If you want to sue a man who kicked me in Busan, do it”…Local lawmaker who revealed his identity

A member of a local government foundation council in Seoul has disclosed the identity of the perpetrator of the so-called “Busan Kick” incident.

Earlier, a YouTube broadcaster, claiming to share the pain of the victims, released the identities of the perpetrators, including their faces and names, but when faced with criticism that it violated current laws such as the ‘notification of restrictions on profit generation’, he said he would release it for the “public interest”.

Kim Min-seok, a member of Seoul’s Gangseo District Council from the People’s Power Party, said on Facebook on Tuesday, “I am releasing the identities of some of the perpetrators of the Busan kickback for ‘public interest purposes’ for the sake of the people of Gangseo District, fearing that they might come to Gangseo District after being released from prison토토사이트.”

Regarding the controversy over book sanctions after the YouTube channel ‘Caracula Detective Agency’ posted a video with the identity of the perpetrator of the case, Mr. A, on the 2nd of this month, Kim explained, “It is because it may be problematic for YouTubers to disclose their identities under the Information and Communications Network Act.” “Currently, under the Special Act on the Punishment of Certain Violent Crimes, the identity of the perpetrator cannot be disclosed unless it is for ‘public interest purposes.

“Watching this incident, I was very scared and devastated that a large man who was not familiar with the woman was committing a crime against her,” he said, “Especially when I think about the fact that it was a typical don’t ask, don’t tell crime, and it happened to a resident of Gangseo-gu, I can’t stand still.”

“I thought it would be too difficult for a YouTuber to bear the punishment for disclosing the identity of the Busan kicker, so I will disclose it myself for the ‘public interest purpose’ that a lawmaker, who is the representative of the constituents, should disclose it so that we can protect the people of Gangseo-gu even after being released from prison,” he said.

Representative Kim said, “Like this case, I will make a policy to disclose the identity of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell crime as a policy and propose it to the National Assembly and the President’s office,” and promised to support the revision of the identity disclosure system.

Furthermore, he emphasized, “If the perpetrator wants to sue me, a lawmaker, for disclosing his identity, he should sue me directly, not YouTube,” adding, “I will always bear this kind of lawsuit,” and “I hope that he will not come to Gangseo-gu, Seoul, after his release from prison.

Meanwhile, the perpetrator of the ‘Busan Kick’ case, Mr. A, was sentenced to 12 years in prison in the first trial on charges of attempted murder, and his appeal is currently underway. The prosecution changed the charge to attempted rape and murder at the appellate decision hearing on March 31. They added the fact that he beat the victim to faint, dragged her to a CCTV blind spot, and stripped her of her clothes, and sought 35 years in prison. The appellate decision is due on the 12th.

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