“If you get it right, anything happens.” The little prince’s strong cry for ‘Landers’ next-generation gun’

In the final match of the second half, the SSG Landers team’s key to batting is the infielder Jeon Ui-san. If the slugging power and the ability to produce home runs increase the sense of hitting, the weight of the team’s batting line itself will change. The synergistic effect to be shown with Heredia, who has recovered from an iliopsoas muscle injury, is also expected.

Jeon Eui-san already showed some of his potential last year. Eui-san Jeon debuted in the first team in the 2022 season and recorded a batting average of 0.249 / 60 hits / 13 home runs / 45 RBIs / slugging average of 0.481 in 77 appearances. It was clearly an impressive debut season.

However, Eui-san Jeon played in 38 games in the first half of this season and suffered an extreme batting slump with a batting average of 0.192 / 19 hits / 3 home runs / 16 RBIs. Jeon Eui-san went down to the Future Team due to a hamstring injury along with poor hitting in the first half and went through a long preparation period again.

SSG infielder Jeon Eui-san is showing good hitting after being called up to the first team in August. Photo = Reporter Kim Young-gu

In mid-August, SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “It is also true that Uisan-i should become the main player in our team to succeed (Choi) Jeong-i in the future. However, in order to rise to such a rank, first of all, contact, that is, the ability to hit, must be accompanied. The career batting average of hitters who have exceeded 300 home runs in their careers has mostly exceeded 20.7-8. In the OPS era, even if the batting average is low, if only the number of home runs is guaranteed, it should be used, but in the end, the contact ability does not follow, so it is an unavoidable reality that there are questions about how long a good hitting feeling will be maintained.”메이저사이트

Coach Kim called Jeon Uisan back to the first team on August 18th. Eui-san Jeon, who has risen to the first team, is dreaming of a rebound with a batting average of 0.429 / 6 hits / 1 home run / 3 RBIs / 4 walks in 6 games. It is encouraging to see a picture in which the contact ability emphasized by director Kim has clearly improved.

Manager Kim, who met with reporters before the game on August 29, said, “(Former) Euisan definitely felt that his mindset changed after he went to the Future Team. I think he cared too much about his character (Geopo) in the first half. After all, anything happens when you hit the ball. Because I have power, even misplaced hits continue to come out. Others clearly need that part as well. He gave a thumbs up, saying, “I like the fact that I definitely swing on my own count and try not to die as much as possible on unfavorable counts.”

The change in stance at bat also led to positive results. Under the advice of batting coach Lee Jin-young, Jeon Eui-san made a change to go inside about half a step from the plate to cope with the outside ball.

Manager Kim said, “It is true that you have to stick to the plate to deal with the outside. If you look at Uisan’s hitting mechanism, even if he is aiming for a fastball, the breaking ball will get caught in his swing. When things got bad, that part disappeared, but now most of them make contact with the ball. In the end, if you get it right, something happens. In the future, he and the bench have to handle the number of strikeouts. Still, he needs to show a batting balance that gradually produces correct hits while hitting the ball.”

On August 29, Eui-san Jeon was also named in the starting lineup as the 7th batter and first baseman in the Literature Kiwoom Heroes game. Although the starting match was canceled due to the cancellation of the match on this day, it seems that Jeon Uisan’s position will be firm for the time being. In addition, synergy with Heredia, who returned from injury as designated hitter No. 4 on the day, can clearly be expected.

I wonder if Jeon Eui-san will show his true value in the remaining games as the ‘Landers’ next-generation gun’ to succeed Choi Jeong.

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