If you don’t get sick, you’re really good…Barsa proposes a 3-year extension to ‘glass body’


have offered Ousmane Dembele a three-year contract extension.

He is a top-class striker from France. His nationality is French, but his African-born character stands out for his flexible movements and nimble 토스카지노body movements. His greatest weapon is the ability to use both feet, which is effectively used to attack the opponent’s defense when dribbling and shooting. He possesses high speed, so he can create opportunities with only straight dribbling from his side, and he boasts a more powerful appearance with splendid personal skills.

After growing up in the French league, he headed to Dortmund in 2016. Although he was only 19 years old at the time, Dortmund invested a huge amount of 35 million euros (approximately 50.8 billion won) as he showed potential in the French league, expressing expectations.

Dembele immediately exploded his potential. The penalty of his young age and first experience on stage in Germany could not deter him. In the first year of his transfer, he became the best striker in the league, scoring 10 goals and 21 assists in 49 games, including cup competitions.

Dembele, who rose to the ranks of ‘Wolcle’ in just one season. Barcelona reached out to him. At the time, Barcelona, ​​which had sent Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), was looking for a replacement for him and tapped Dembele. Although it is less than the 222 million euros (approximately 322.8 billion won) earned by selling Neymar, Barcelona invested 140 million euros (approximately 203.5 billion won) to bring him.

Dembele received a lot of expectations. But what followed was disappointing. Although he flashed every time he appeared in the game, frequent injuries prevented him from cementing his place. In the first year of his transfer, he played less than 1000 league minutes. Since then, he has increased his chances little by little, but injuries still hinder him and he has not made an impact in Dortmund. Due to his sluggish performance until the first half of last season, he was labeled as “eating and running”.

Then he succeeded in resurrecting him. In the second half of last season, he consistently maintained a normal physical condition and produced meaningful results in every game. He accumulated a whopping 9 assists in 7 league games between Valencia and Levante, and made a total of 11 assists in the second half alone. Dembele, who posted a total of 13 assists, including two in the first half, surpassed Karim Benzema (12 assists) to become the league’s assist king. It was a tremendous achievement that he achieved despite missing a whopping 16 games due to injury.

That’s how Dembele transformed from a scam to an ace at once. This season, from the opening game to the 19th round, he steadily played and strengthened his position. He suffered a hamstring injury in February and was unable to continue his pace, but he is improving his condition by making a comeback against Real Betis.

A player who plays his role as long as he is not injured. Dembele has been offered a contract extension by Barcelona. Spanish media ‘Sport’ said, “Barcelona has offered Dembele a three-year contract extension. The contract period is until 2027.” Dembele currently has one year left on his contract with Barcelona. If Dembele doesn’t accept this, he will most likely leave the team this coming summer.

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