“I will be a reliable helper” Visiting the US camp site, Yong Jin hyung is fulfilling his promise [Oh!

  • February 16, 2023

SSG Landers owner Jeong Yong-jin is fulfilling his promise. Recruiting players and replacing facilities was just the beginning.온라인카지노

Owner Jeong made a surprise visit to the 2023 spring camp site in Vero Beach, Florida, USA on the 12th (hereinafter Korean time). We prepared a dinner and gave encouragement to the players who were sweating heavily to prepare for the new season. After the rest day on the 13th, on the 14th, he went around the campsite for more than 2 hours, watching the players training and paying attention to ‘finding the field’.

On the 14th, he met the reporters and said, “I came here because I was curious because it was the first overseas camp since the founding of Landers and I wanted to see how the players were doing.” It was good to see that the satisfaction level of the players was also high. I will watch the training of the players a little more and see if there is anything to take care of,” he said of his visit to the campsite.

▲ Jin-yong Yong’s ‘love for baseball’ is sincere

This is the part where you can see the ‘love for baseball’ of Shinsegae Group’s vice chairman and owner of SSG. Owner Chung has a love for baseball and is fulfilling official and unofficial promises one after another.

In the process of acquiring SK Wyverns, the Shinsegae Group said, “We plan to spare no support and investment in improving facilities to improve team skills and expanding baseball infrastructure to create an era of 10 million spectators.”

At the founding ceremony in March of last year, owner Jeong said, “I will be a strong supporter of SSG’s challenge.” In June of last year, owner Chung visited Incheon SSG Landers Field, the 1st team stadium, and SSG Futures Field, the 2nd team stadium, to keep the promise of ‘facility improvement to improve the team’s skills’.

▲ The beginning of investment, from the second group… “Cultivation is important”

Owner Jeong, who had the usual theory that ‘good performance comes from good facilities’, inspected the facilities of the SSG Landers 1st and 2nd teams and presented his opinion on improvements. In particular, in order for SSG to become a better team, it was determined that nurturing the 2nd team, which is the foundation of the 1st team, was important, so I went to Futures Field in the 2nd team to listen to the voices of the field from the coaches and players and find a plan for improvement.

He toured every nook and cranny of the clubhouse, including the players’ quarters, cafeteria, weight training room, locker room, and indoor training ground, and thoroughly inspected the outdoor training ground. Owner Chung ordered CEO Min Kyung-sam, who was touring Futures Field’s indoor practice field ‘Randers Dome’ together, to “install a heating and cooling system in the indoor practice field so that players can concentrate on training without fear of injury in hot or cold weather.”

At Rookie Field, an auxiliary stadium where practice games are usually held against independent clubs and college teams, we asked if there was any risk of injury to players due to the artificial turf, and at Futures Field, the main stadium, we checked the condition of the grass by touching it with our hands.

The first place owner Jeong visited at SSG Landers Field in the first team was the locker room used by away team players. This is because of the idea that a fair competition can take place and a high-level game can be presented to baseball fans only when sufficient resting space is secured for the away team.

According to the will of owner Chung, SSG built an air conditioning system worth about 500 million won at the SSG Future Field indoor practice field, a 2nd team stadium. Based on the experience of operating large-scale indoor facilities owned by parent company E-Mart, an optimized air conditioning system was applied to SSG Future Field, where training is conducted throughout the year. Through the establishment of this system, cooling and heating efficiency and air quality are greatly improved, and it is expected that the training effect of the athletes will be maximized, especially in the cold and hot seasons.

The players are also showing their enthusiasm, saying, “I was able to warm up quickly in cold weather, so the burden of injury was reduced,” and “I will strive to record good results by focusing on training as the environment improves.”

Last year, the clubhouse, home, away dugout and auxiliary facilities in SSG Landers Field were completed with a total remodeling of about 4 billion won, drawing much attention.

At that time, remodeling was the first project promoted by Shinsegae Group after the establishment of SSG. It took place over 10 months, starting with the visit of owner Chung. The opinions of the players and coaching staff were actively reflected in the remodeling, and experts from Shinsegae Group, which planned Starfield-related facilities, also participated.

The entire facility has been remodeled so that not only the home team but also the away team can play in an optimal environment. This reflects the will of owner Jeong to spare no investment for the development of Korean baseball, not just for home team players.

Owner Chung is directly involved in the team as well as the facilities. Players were also actively recruited for high-quality performances and victorious games. Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, and Hanyu Island gave the team a sense of stability with non-FA multi-year contracts.

As the club created an environment in which good baseball could be played, the players also began to come together more tightly. The morale of the players is higher than ever with the signal that the club recognizes the players’ efforts. As a result of the owner’s full support, SSG Landers achieved the KBO’s first ‘Wire-to-Wire’ regular season championship this year.

The ‘Wire-to-Wire’ victory is a valuable record that has only happened five times in the history of the major leagues over 140 years ago. In addition, along with winning the regular season, SSG became the first baseball team related to Incheon to rank first among all KBO clubs in terms of spectators in the regular season.

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