“I was fired because of ChatGPT”…AI-induced job losses have already begun

Amid concerns that artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT토토사이트 will soon replace human jobs, analysis suggests that this is already happening in some occupations.

The Washington Post in the US reported on a situation where ChatGPT has started to take away people’s jobs in marketing and social media content.

The newspaper reported that the only copywriter working at a tech startup in San Francisco, US, saw his work reduced after the launch of ChatGPT in November last year and was eventually fired without explanation.

Experts believe that this rapidly evolving AI could replace highly paid knowledge workers, as it can converse, write, compose, and even write computer code without the awkwardness of humans.

US investment bank Goldman Sachs estimated that generative AI could affect 300 million full-time jobs globally, with white-collar jobs being the most affected.

At the same time, however, analysts say it’s too early to tell how disruptive AI will be to human jobs, as companies that have replaced workers with chatbots have found them to be costly due to chatbot errors.

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