I want to wear number 47″… The next-generation ace who visited the ‘wild horse’ and negotiated

The LG Twins have announced their new season uniform numbers. Kim Yoon-sik, who emerged as the next-generation ace, chose the number 47 that commentator Lee Sang-hoon of “Wild Horse” wore during his active career. Park Dong-won, a free agent transfer student, chose Yoo Kang-nam’s number 27, who left for Lotte. No one wore the number 55 of Chae Eun-seong, who transferred to Hanwha after obtaining FA qualification. 메이저사이트

On the 24th, the LG Twins released the 2023 uniform number assignment through the club’s social media. Some players have made up their mind for the new season with new uniform numbers.

The most notable number is number 47. It was not a permanent number, but it was a symbolic number, so no one had chosen it easily until now, but Kim Yun-shik was willing to shoulder the weight. Number 47 was used again by commentator Lee Sang-hoon when he was working as an LG coach, but it became vacant for a while after he left the field. Kim Yun-shik challenges ‘left-handed ace’ with number 47.

Although his pitching style may be different from that of commentator Lee Sang-hoon, Kim Yun-sik has shown enough potential to succeed as a left-handed starting pitcher. Last year, the average ERA in the last seven games was only 0.85. This is the lowest ERA record among starting pitchers in the KBO League since August 20th. Taking advantage of this second half of the year, he joined the WBC (World Baseball Classic) team to be held in March.

In the LG club YouTube video released on the 24th, Kim Yun-sik said, “I asked the general manager for number 47 in the middle and late (2022) season. said.

Transfer students also picked their own numbers. Park Dong-won filled the 27th spot that Yoo Gang-nam left. Kim Yoo-young, who wore the LG uniform due to Yoo Kang-nam’s transfer, received the number 0 he used at Lotte. Lee Young-bin, who wore number 0, enlisted on the 16th and found a place. Yun Ho-sol writes number 28. Austin Dean, a new foreign player, chose Cha Woo-chan’s number 23.

Rookie catcher Kim Bum-seok put confidence in his uniform number. Coach Jo In-seong, who was the best offensive catcher in LG history, wears number 44, which he used during his active career. Pitcher Park Myeong-geun, who is considered to have an ‘immediate sense of power’, uses number 39. Pitcher Kim Dong-kyu, who was nominated in the second round, wore number 64, outfielder Lee Jun-seo, who was nominated in the fourth round, wore number 60, and outfielder Kwon Dong-hyuk in the sixth round wore number 68.

The uniform numbers of the new coaches were set to head coach Kim Jeong-jun’s number 81, battery coach Park Gyeong-wan’s number 80, and defensive coach Kim Il-kyung’s number 73. Director Yeom Kyung-yeop chose number 85.

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