“I poured everything in. It’s hard, but again…” Before returning on the 23rd → Final rehearsal on the 28th, ‘overwork controversy’ Young Ace’s soft landing project

 Won Tae-in, the young ace of the Samsung Lions, returns.

Won Tae-in, who returned after performing well in the WBC토토사이트, will make his first start after returning to the team against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 23rd.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man explained Won Tae-in’s season preparation schedule ahead of the Daegu Lotte match on the 21st.

Coach Park said, “I plan to throw twice before the start on the 23rd (Gocheok Kiwoom match) and the 28th (Daegu Hanwha match).” “he explained.

Although he pitched frequently in the WBC for a short period of time, manager Park Jin-man expected Won Tae-in to return in good health.

Director Park said, “I made a good off-season body. I don’t worry too much about the pace problem. I ordered all the players in our team to make 100% by February 1, when the camp starts, so Tae-in is the same.” There may be fatigue, but the situation is being managed.”

Are there any aftereffects of building up faster than usual?

In an interview held in Daegu on the 19th, Won Tae-in said, “I haven’t felt it directly with my body yet, but I think there are some difficult parts.” I think I will have to prepare for the season by adjusting my pace without being impatient while experiencing it. It is true that my strength is a little off.” “However, as the coach said, I gave it all as a national team player back then, and now I am back as Samsung Lions Onetane, so I think I have to give everything I have to the team. I worked hard and rested well when I rested. I think I need to make sure that I can lead it well for another season,” he said courageously.

A young ace who will come back with another span of growth through unforgettable international competitions. How will the intense experience of the WBC affect Won Tae-in, a pitcher in his 5th year as a pro? He is the key player on Samsung’s starting mound this season.

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