I need time to listen to my thoughts and worries” Director Hong Won-ki, special dinner with three foreigners

  • February 19, 2023

Kiwoom Heroes coach Hong Won-ki had a meaningful time with foreign players.

After training on the 18th (local time), 카지노사이트coach Hong Won-ki, who is in charge of the spring camp in Arizona, USA, invited foreign pitchers Eric Yokishi and Ariel Hurado, infielder Edison Russell, and their families to dinner together.

Coach Hong Won-ki had a meal with the foreign players and gave them encouragement and good wishes along with the order, “Please do your best this season.” He also shared unusual stories, such as listening to the concerns of foreign players and their families.

Coach Hong Won-ki said, “Anyway, there are restrictions on communication with foreign players, so it is difficult to comfortably share what is in the heart. I made this because I thought I would need time to listen to their concerns and thoughts ahead of the season,” he said. “Above all, it was more meaningful to hear the stories of the families who attended with the players.”

On the other hand, whenever Kiwoom held spring camp abroad before Corona 19, it brought a special seat only for the coach and foreign players as an encouragement.

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