“I had a lot of misspellings…” Realization of 1R big shot prospect, 2nd year long hits explode

Can Kiwoom Heroes’ ‘big gun prospect’ Park Chan-hyeok (20)’s ‘long hitting potential’ explode?

Park Chan-hyuk joined Kiwoom in the first round of the 2022 rookie draft. Kiwoom paid attention to the long hit.

Park Chan-hyeok recorded a batting average of .402 (30 hits in 70 at-bats) and 2 homers in 24 games during his senior year of high school. His slugging percentage recorded 0.771, raising expectations as a next-generation giant.

Starting as first baseman from the opening game, he showed off his strong batting ability by setting a record of two hits in the opening game, the first high school graduate rookie ever.

Park Chan-hyeok, who recorded a batting average of 201.1 and 6 homers in 52 games, including hitting a home run against Kim Kwang-hyun, was included in the semi-playoff and playoff entries. He didn’t play many matches, but it was enough to build his experience.

After finishing the season, he joined Geelong Korea and has maintained his real sense of the game. While tasting his home run, he consistently appealed his qualities as a great gun.

Park Chan-hyeok, who started a lot of actual fighting at the Kiwoom Taiwanese camp, made people look forward to his second year season by consistently hitting long hits. Having recorded multiple hits including doubles from his first actual game, he continued his long streak by hitting doubles and triples against the Tungi Lions on the 23rd of last month. In the last 3 days against the Tai Gang Hawks, he recorded 3 hits after 5 at-bats including a home run. Hit for the cycle without a triple hit.

In the game against Taigang on the 5th, Seong also continued to get a good sense of hitting while picking up hits.

Through the club, Park Chan-hyeok said, “I tried to make a line drive hit from practice, so the number of hits increased, so I think I got a good hit during the game. During the camp, coach Kim Tae-wan paid attention to the smallest things. It seems to have improved in many areas,” he explained the secret to his recent success.먹튀검증

There were parts that I felt while taking the first year. Park Chan-hyeok recorded 67 strikeouts in 175 plate appearances last year. His 4-4 shot was only 15.

Park Chan-hyeok looked back and said, “There were a lot of strikeouts and misses compared to last year’s at-bat, but I felt that much.”

He said, “I am preparing to improve this year based on last year. I want to show a good image in Korea without getting hurt for the rest of the time.”

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