“I defecated in the taxi”…Chinese couple refuses to get off for 32 hours

In China, an unhappy passenger refused to get out of a taxi for two days and two nights.

Wang Mo, a taxi driver in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, received a ride request on April 17.

At the time, it was raining and impossible to stop at the passenger’s requested location, so he waited about 20 meters away from the spot.

The passengers, a father and daughter, protested vehemently about why he wasn’t standing at the requested location, and Wang demanded to be dropped off.

However, the couple insisted on paying the fine and continued to refuse to get off,안전놀이터 even after the police were called.

Mr. Wang eventually parked the taxi near his house and left for work.

When Mr. Wang returned the next morning, they were still sitting in the car.

It wasn’t until around 10 p.m. that they were forcibly dragged out of the car by the police.

The father and daughter reportedly even defecated in the car.

The police gave them seven days of administrative detention.

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