I asked a scout who was not interested in Lee Jung-hoo, “What are his objective strengths and weaknesses?”

The official major league homepage even covered the news of his major league challenge as top news. It is not an exaggeration to say that almost all clubs are interested in Lee Jung-hoo. 스포츠토토

Of course, there are some teams that don’t pay much attention. Teams that have recently reinforced outfielders in Asia, teams with good outfield lineups, and teams with promising talents to develop may not be very interested in Lee Jung-hoo.

Maybe they are analyzing Lee Jung-hoo more calmly. It’s because it’s a position where you can look at it objectively from one step away.

I asked a question to a major league scout who said he was not interested in Lee Jung-hoo.

“Why is the major leagues crazy about Lee Jung-hoo?”

He continued his speech as if it were natural. “Lee Jung-hoo is a player with a natural contact ability. Since he doesn’t have a high miss rate, he can be said to be a player with a high probability of making hits as well. What the major leagues are particularly paying attention to is his bad ball hitting ability. He is a player with a high probability of hitting a ball outside the strike zone. It is not for nothing that we compare Vladimir Guerrero and Lee Jung-hoo in the major league. Lee Jung-hoo also excels in the ability to make a hit by taking a ball that he thought was completely a ball with a perfect swing. Even in the major leagues, some impressive hits by Lee Jung-hoo were introduced, and each time they drew great admiration. He is not easily fooled, but Lee Jung-hoo is a player who can respond well even if he is fooled. The fact that he has good abilities in both offense and defense and running base is an indispensable advantage. Looking at it objectively, Lee Jung-hoo is a player who can be a plus to the team. Our team has a full outfield, so if you are a team that needs an outfielder, you can pay enough attention.”

Outstanding toughness is also an advantage that cannot be overlooked.

Scout A said, “Lee Jung-hoo is a player who can become a team leader. Even though he is still young, he is already fulfilling his role as a leader in Kiwoom. He may have a language barrier, but I think he is a baseball player who can become a leader in the major leagues. If he raises expectations about his at-bat and consistently shows performances that match those expectations, he is a player who can become a major league dugout leader in the near future. It can be said that it is clear that he grew up with good education in a prestigious baseball family. Lee Jung-hoo’s good personality is a big help in raising his ransom.”

Then, from an objective point of view, what are Lee Jung-hoo’s weaknesses? It is not easy to find, but there are parts that remain regretful.

Scout A said, “Anyway, there can be regrets in power. Recently, many Japanese outfielders have advanced to the major leagues, and most of them have long-hitting skills. It can be said that outfielders basically have the number of home runs they need to hit. Although Lee Jung-hoo is hitting more and more power, he has not yet shown the ability to hit a home run with a push. He thinks he needs to improve his long hitting ability. If I had to point out the downside, that would be it. I know that the batting form will be modified this winter, but I wonder how much it will help in terms of power. He thinks the key will be whether he can get a good score in power as well.”

Lee Jung-hoo, who is not satisfied, is trying to become an upgrade once again. After this winter, the results of the transformation will appear.

If they find a more certain solution there, the major leagues’ hand in finding him can become even stronger.

It remains to be seen if Lee Jung-hoo can overcome all barriers and receive proper treatment and head to the major leagues.

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