Houston beats Milwaukee by stopping the Greek monster

  • December 12, 2022

The Houston Rockets beat the Milwaukee Bucks.

Houston won 97-92 in a home game against Milwaukee held at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas on the 12th (Korean time). With this victory, it was 8 wins and 18 losses. Milwaukee is 19-7.

Although coach Steven Silas was away due to the death of his father, he managed to capture a team that qualified for the playoffs.

It was effective to block the opponent’s main scorer, Giannis Antetokounmpo, with 16 points. Jaylen Green scored 30 points and Kevin Porter Jr. scored 18 points. Milwaukee had 25 points from George Holiday, but the light faded.

The match was played in close quarters. Houston is at the bottom of the rankings, but on this day, it fought on an equal footing with Milwaukee. Jaylen Green put in a series of exciting dunks and scored 13 points in the first half alone. Kevin Porter Jr. also took part in the dunk procession and thrilled the home fans.

Milwaukee faced bad news when Chris Middleton left the game with a sprained ligament in his left ankle during the first half. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Zhuru Holiday scored 27 points in the first half alone. Halliday made four 3-pointers in the first half alone. Milwaukee continued the game, ahead of Houston in the outer fight.

Milwaukee took the mood in the last two minutes of the third quarter. Bobby Portis and Pat Connorton scored in succession while blocking opponents Alfiren Sengun and Tari Eason’s attacks in succession, ending the third quarter with a 79-74, 5-point lead. 스포츠토토

In the fourth quarter, when Milwaukee ran away, Houston followed. Houston couldn’t easily close the gap, but Milwaukee couldn’t escape and the chase continued.

When Milwaukee had to run away, the reason why they couldn’t run away was that the player who was supposed to do it didn’t do it right. After allowing a steal, Antetokounmpo showed a heavy body in the fourth quarter, missing one free throw opportunity.

Houston succeeded in making a jump shot by Green with 1 minute and 55 seconds left, making it 92-90, the first turnaround in the 4th quarter. Milwaukee’s offense hasn’t been smooth since. In the attack that immediately followed, Antetokounmpo’s roving pass went straight into the rim, but Brook Lopez touched it and the goaltending was declared and the tie could not be made. In the next attack, Antetokounmpo failed to score an alley-oop pass. In the attack that followed again, he missed an extra free throw.

The game was decided in the last possession. Houston took a 94-92 lead with 34.6 seconds left, with Green making two free throws and making both. Milwaukee could not save the attack chance that followed, and rather, Antetokounmpo committed a foul and allowed an additional run through a free throw. In the ensuing attack, Antetokounmpo again missed the opportunity by trying to break through even though there was plenty of time left.

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