‘Hot Six’ heated up again after training in hell

Lee Jung-eun (27), who regained confidence in her swing and putt, was nicknamed ‘Hot Six’. Since this year, she has formed ‘Team Six’ with Korean and local swing coaches, managers, trainers, and caddies.

Lee Jung-eun shot a 5-under 67 in the first round of the LPGA Tour Drive-On Championship (total prize money of $1.75 million) held at the Superstition Mountain Golf & Country Club (par 72) in Gold Canyon, Arizona, on the 24th (Korean time). By tying 7 birdies and 2 bogeys, he reduced 5 strokes and tied for 6th place. She is two strokes behind co-leaders Shin Ji-eun (31), Gaby Lopez (Mexico), and Alison Lee (USA).

Hot Six is ​​a nickname that combines the meaning of hot with hot performance and Lee Jung-eun 6, the registered name of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf Association (KLPGA) tour. However, after winning the US Women’s Open in a major tournament in 2019, Lee Jung-eun faltered. He has become an ordinary player on the LPGA Tour who competes in the middle ranks rather than the top ranks. It’s not that he didn’t have a chance to rise to the top. He tried to win in several competitions, but failed to add wins, showing disappointment in the finish.

In order to taste the thrill of his victory토토사이트, Lee Jung-eun chose to change last winter. It wasn’t a huge change. He mastered his basics to find confidence in his faltering swing and putt.

Supporters are swing coach Kim Gi-hwan, who made Lee Jung-eun the best player on the KLPGA tour, and Choi Jong-hwan, director of the Choi Jong-hwan Putting Academy. Jeongeun Lee prepared for the 2023 season by spending a lot of time with Coach Kim and Director Choi.

With Coach Kim, I focused on finding the feel of my swing in 2019. Coach Kim said, “I think I played the swing in order to survive on the LPGA Tour. As the rotation of the upper body decreased, the arc of the swing decreased, so the distance decreased and the direction shook.” He explained that he put a lot of effort into refining the basics of ‘.

The results of their efforts were shown in this competition. Coach Kim said, “As I swung confidently, the average driving distance increased by about 15 yards.” “Iron and wedge shots also improved in direction to the extent that they fell around the pin. I think the effect of last winter’s hell training appeared.”

Practice is also the driving force behind the record of 22 putts on the green.

Director Choi said, “I had a bad habit of giving strength at the moment of impact due to a small and slow backswing, so I corrected it.” It seems to have risen,” he said.

Team Six, which consists of a swing coach, manager, trainer, and caddy, helping Lee Jeong-eun locally from this year, also played a part in recovering her performance.

An official from WOW Management, where Lee Jung-eun belongs, said, “A trainer and swing coach have newly joined so that Lee Jung-eun can spend a season in a better environment.” .

Lee Jung-eun, who started this tournament in a good mood, expressed her determination to do her best until the end. Lee Jeong-eun raised her voice, saying, “I am happy that the results of my hard training last winter are showing up in this competition. I hope to continue the upward trend and seize a good opportunity.”

Shin Ji-eun, Lopez, and Allison Lee, who recorded a 7-under-par 65, tied for the lead.

Anna Lin (27), who scored 5-under-par 67, formed a tie for 6th place with Lee Jung-eun, while Ji Eun-hee (37), Kim Se-young (30), and Jeon In-ji (29) recorded 3-under 69, tied for 33rd. Ko Jin-young (28) finished the first round with a 2-under-par 70 and a tie for 48th.

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