Heo Hoon and Song Gyo-chang, who will be discharged this year, “AG will work hard”

Heo Hoon and Song Gyo-chang, who are serving in the military at the Sangmu Basketball Team of the Armed Forces Sports Corps, donated their talents to middle and high school players.

He also revealed his aspirations for the Asian Games in Hangzhou in September, ahead of his discharge this year.

Reporter Jung Joo-hee met.


Heo Hoon, who has transformed into a daily coach, demonstrates dribbling.

<Heo Hoon/Sangmu Basketball Team> “Quickly, quickly, do 100”

We generously pass on the know-how to break through in a one-on-one situation.

<Heo Hoon/Sangmu Basketball Team> “What could be easier to cheat than dribble, step? Right, step is the most important thing. Save dribble스포츠토토. Step, step. Got it?”

Heo Hoon and Song Gyo-chang, ‘MVPs’ who are donating their talents to middle and high school players across the country, watched this professional basketball playoff with a special mind as they are scheduled to be discharged in November this year.

<Heo Hoon / Sangmu Basketball Team> “I was very envious. Going to the championship game was such a fun game, in the crowd of many fans…” <

Song Gyo-chang / Sangmu Basketball Team> “(KCC) was in a situation where they could have made it to the semifinals, but a lot It’s a pity.”

The Hangzhou Asian Games, which will be held in September ahead of the discharge, is the stage they are waiting for.

<Heo Hoon/Sangmu Basketball Team> “Of course, for the Asian Games, I want to compete more eagerly than anyone else, and I have a sense of responsibility as much as I represent my country” I’m greedy because I can do it…”

I’m dreaming of a bigger stage, the Olympics.

Korean basketball must place first in the Asian continental pre-qualification qualifiers to be held in August to qualify for the final Olympic qualifiers.

It’s a ‘needle hole’ until the finals, but I’m determined not to let go of even the slightest hope.

<Heo Hoon/Sangmu Basketball Team> “Going to such a big stage at the World Cup once… just watching from the side really helped me a lot. Anyway, I really want to go to the Olympics.”

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