“Has our power weakened?” The pride of the winning team was hurt [field report]

  • February 16, 2023

“Outsides evaluate that our power has weakened, 바카라 but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.”

The SSG Landers team, which is in full swing for the 2023 season in Vero Beach, Florida, USA, was hurt by the evaluation of external experts.

Last winter, SSG had no special reinforcements. If anything, there was a leak. Among internal free agents, only Lee Tae-yang and Oh Tae-gon succeeded in staying. The outside FA was also interested, but it did not reach the final result. This is because the existing overall annual salary was high, and the ‘salary cap’, which was implemented from this season, was caught in the ankle. From the beginning, the limit was clear, so it was difficult to actively recruit free agents. It is also the decisive factor in not stopping Lee Tae-yang’s transfer. And Kim Taek-hyung, who was the core of the left-handed bullpen, and Jang Ji-hoon, another bullpen agent, enlisted in Sangmu.

Other than that, there are no special changes, but the problem is the reinforcement of other clubs. Kiwoom Heroes, who competed in the Korean Series, recruited Won Jong-hyun, the first real free agent, and spent more money than before on recruiting foreign players. The Stove League heated up as the LG Twins, KT Wiz, Lotte Giants, Doosan Bears, and Hanwha Eagles actively invested in free agents and recruited additional players. SSG, mired in the salary cap, was forced to take a passive step. In the past two years, Shin-soo Choo, Kwang-hyeon Kim, Joo-hwan Choi, etc. have emerged as a ‘nucleus of the market’, and it is a contrasting atmosphere.

Perhaps because of that, he qualified for the’defending champion’ by winning the’Wire to Wire’ last year, but there are not many eyes that rate the prospect of the 2023 season higher than last season. The SSG coaching staff and members are well aware of such evaluations.

Veteran players said, “It seems that our power has weakened from the outside, but even if some pitchers have been left out, it is not the case now when you look at the camp face. The players also talk a lot, but if only the new foreign players do well, isn’t it worth challenging the championship this year?” said.

The coaching staff and internal analysis of the club are no different. “Last year, I said it wasn’t the winning power, but I won. This year, my power dropped significantly or not. Rather, the completeness of training is better at this camp, and considering the team atmosphere after winning the championship and the off-season preparation process, this year Most of the opinions are that it never falls behind.”

Manager Kim Won-hyung also predicted, “The bullpen seems to be the weakest. However, after coming to camp this year, there are many good players. Rookie Lee Ro-un is also better than expected, and left-hander Lim Jun-seop, who was recruited from outside, is also looking forward to it. Shouldn’t we have to deal with long and short ones?”

It seems that the growth rate of foreign players and new players who have all three new faces will eventually divide the season. The same is true for other clubs. With the pride and pride of being the ‘defending champion’, SSG runs towards the championship again.

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