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When discussing the best outfielder in the KBO League, SSG’s Choi Ji-hoon is a player who has been indispensable since this year.

Reporter Park Jae-woong listened to Choi Ji-hoon’s baseball philosophy, which is also included in the WBC national team interest list.

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SSG’s overall victory without missing 1st place even for a single day.

In all of those moments, there was Choi Ji-hoon, a 3-year outfielder.

He played in all games this season, surpassed the batting average of 30% for the first time in the at bat, and

became one of the most threatening runners


[Choi Ji-hoon/SSG] “First of all, ‘center fielder of the winning team’. I think (this word) will remain as a bit of pride until I retire. Was
n’t it a year when I felt that baseball was fun for the first time while playing baseball?” I am proud enough to be able to rank my own hobi. [Choi Ji-hoon/SSG] 1. “The first ball the font player caught before the opening match was perfect.” 2. “That’s how much I caught by sliding diagonally when Woojun played with KT…” 3. “And if you had to choose one more, what are these three things you’ve taken care of at home?”

But there was a secret to this diving catch.

[Choi Ji-hoon/SSG] “
Isn’t it helpful to learn Hapkido when I was young… I was a black belt 3rd level.

, and was also named on the national team interest list ahead of next year’s WBC.

While the possibility of selection for the national team was carefully discussed, the fighting spirit of the soccer team at the World Cup was a greater stimulus. 스포츠토토

[Choi Ji-hoon/SSG]
“My original dream was to be a soccer player before a baseball player… When I first said I was working out, I was going to play soccer. Since I was on the preliminary list (interest list), I think I’m looking forward to it a little. (Soccer) I think it was a World Cup where I thought, ‘Can I do that too?’ when the national team played Portugal.”

Choi Ji-hoon, who has not stopped developing every year and is now dreaming of even reaching the Taegeuk mark.

His eyes are already on next year, when the WBC, Asian Games and Premier 12 will all be held.

This is Park Jae-woong from MBC News.