Gwacheon city council member from Shincheonji is ‘bubbly’… 尹 “Dedicated to the government”

Yoon Mi-hyeon (People’s Power, Joongang, Byeolyang, Gwacheon-dong) Gwacheon city council member, Gyeonggi-do, cheated on his past Shincheonji executive history and continued his term, and criticism from the local community is boiling.

While the city council ethics committee is under discussion as demands for strict measures from all walks of life follow, Congressman Yoon is in a position to continue to focus on legislative activities.

Local community ‘horrified’ by the history of Shincheonji executives “should be expelled”
Summarizing the CBS No-Cut News coverage on the 20th , voices calling for the expulsion of Congressman Yoon are growing in the Gwacheon community.

First, civic groups in Gwacheon took issue with the fact that Congressman Yoon had falsely denied allegations of involvement with Shincheonji since his first election. They argue that decisive action is needed to prevent similar cases.

The Gwacheon Citizens’ Action and Gwacheon Citizens’ Association, composed of about 430 local residents, said, “Based on the proven history of Shincheonji executives in investigations and trials, the responsibility to respond so that the situation does not recur lies with the power of the people and the Gwacheon City Council.” If it is maintained, Shincheonji will have no choice but to enter the parliament again.”

At the same time, he emphasized, “I can no longer believe the explanation of Congressman Yoon, who has been consistent with lies.”

A panoramic view of the original downtown area in Gwacheon. Provided by Gwacheon City Hall

Politicians also raised the need for disciplinary action. In addition, the Uiwang and Gwacheon Regional Committees of the Democratic Party said in a statement, “The prosecution appealed against the sentence that does not qualify for invalidation of the election.” We demand that it be referred to the Ethics Special Committee of the Gwacheon City Council as soon as possible, and we will actively revise the ordinance to strengthen the disciplinary guidelines for lawmakers.”

The civil servants union, a member of Gwacheon City Hall, which is subject to deliberation by the city council, also showed strong antipathy. Choi Seung-hyeok, head of the Gwacheon-si branch of the National Public Officials Union, said, “Rep. Yoon has changed political parties several times (about Shincheonji-related suspicions and handling of some ordinances), and has shown that he does not keep his promises with public officials.” It has been revealed that even citizens have been deceived, but it is questionable whether there is any justification for a budget review or an administrative audit.”

The church community in Gwacheon was also held accountable for giving false explanations at each election. The Gwacheon Christian Federation said, “We will never tolerate Shincheonji, which is defined as a heresy, exerting influence directly or indirectly anywhere, including administrative agencies.” It is a disrespectful act that we have not been able to do, and we hope that you will honestly confess that fact in front of the church and citizens and take the responsibility you deserve.”

The 275th Gwacheon City Council held on December 5 last year. Provided by Gwacheon City Council

Regarding this issue, Chairman Kim Jin-woong of the Gwacheon City Council said, “We have been consulted by a lawyer related to the Ethics Committee of the City Council, and we will discuss whether to hold an ethics committee with lawmakers.” We will clarify our position in an appropriate way.”

Yoon Mi-hyun “The biggest victim”… Mention of the 2nd Shincheonji City Council member
Regarding this, Rep. Yoon expressed his position that he would continue to devote himself to legislative activities in a written response titled “Shincheonji’s biggest victim.” He said, “I apologize for causing concern with the public figure’s religious history,” but insisted, “I have already been shunned by Shincheonji and have been attacked almost like a mass lynching for nearly five years.”

He added, “It is 토토사이트a matter confirmed and checked by the local pastors’ association and the Shincheonji countermeasure committee pastors that I did not administer the administration representing Shincheonji during my eight years of parliamentary activity.”

Along with this, he also mentioned the contents of the suspicion of another Shincheonji politician within the Gwacheon City Council. He said, “I have received several requests to disclose information and (factual relations) about another Shincheonji politician who may exist in the Congress.”

Shincheonji ‘2005 General Assembly Report’, 2006 Women’s Club Executive Director, 3 pictures and list. report capture

Previously, in the CBS Nocut News report that he had become a candidate for city council member in May of last year on the list of executives in the Shincheonji church register in the past, Congressman Yoon knew it as a volunteer group, but did not know it was Shincheonji, and the executive list was also arbitrarily posted. He was convicted in the first instance of the charge.

The prosecution appealed on the 17th, saying, “The sentence is unfair” to the sentence of 900,000 won, which is lower than the fine of 1 million won, which is the standard for invalidating the election. The previous prosecution’s fine was 1.5 million won.

Through this trial process, it was first revealed that he was a former executive of the group in relation to the suspicion of involvement with the heretical Shincheonji, which has been raised since the third term, Rep. Yoon’s first election (then a member of the Democratic Party). In the course of the defense, evidence regarding the history of Shincheonji (district director, culture director, gospel room teacher, etc.) was presented.

In addition, according to the legal community and the National Assembly, the contents of the prosecution in this case include that he attended the completion ceremony of a specific tribe, a birthday party with Reverend Lee Man-hee, and gospel room teacher education, etc. New Covenant) related test papers are reported to contain Shincheonji activities, such as having Shincheonji officials bring them to the city council office to take the exam. After that, it was 2018 when he was expelled from Shincheonji.

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