Grades go up when you let go of authority”… Pohang director Kim Ki-dong’s mercenary tactics

Pohang in the professional soccer K-League always created a sensation with new players even when key players transferred.

Coach Kim Ki-dong promised to play hot football that will shake the buttocks of the audience again this year with the leadership of de-authority.

This is reporter Sohn Ki-seong.


Coach Kim Ki-dong is always full of energy, as he plays behind the scenes more intensely than the players whenever a goal is scored.

This kind of positive energy from head coach Kim Ki-dong is passed on to the Pohang team, which set up a second training camp in Jeju Island.

[Kim In-seong/Pohang : “First of all, he is really friendly and approaches me with a senior-like appearance.”]

Not only is he friendly, but he is excellent at bringing out the players’ strengths

[Kim Seung-dae/Pohang : “I bring out only the players’ strengths There is a part that makes them come together well. There are many players who only had 80% of their abilities, but met the coach and brought out more than 100%.”] 안전놀이터

Maintaining the top ranks every season, Coach Kim Ki-dong says the secret to leaving behind the runner-up was because he let go of his authority.

[Soundbite] Kim Ki-dong/Pohang Director : “I don’t think I’m an authoritative leader during my life as a manager. I think it’s going well because I approach from the point of view of always discussing, communicating, and communicating rather than ‘do this’.”]

Shin Jin-ho, who was a key midfielder this season, is in crisis leaving for Incheon, but he is determined to continue his unique hwasubun soccer by transfusing Jeka, Kim In-seong, and Baek Sung-dong.

[Kim Ki-dong/Pohang Steelers coach: “When we play, the fans look forward to it, their hips move, their eyes go back and forth, they can’t even go to the bathroom, they don’t know when a goal will be scored. Yes, I will do my best to do so.”] This

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