Frustrated on the brink of winning the first PBA championship, Mori of the ‘Unknown Japanese Rebellion’ said, “I thought I would win, so I was so nervous” 

  • September 12, 2023

“I thought I would win. “So I was very nervous.”

Yusuke Mori (Japan), who unfortunately missed the championship trophy that was right in front of him, laughed as he said this.

The unknown Mori, whose best performance in the round of 32 was previously on the professional billiards PBA tour, broke through and advanced to the finals in the fourth tour this season. He competed with ‘Spanish strongman’ David Martinez (Crown Haitai) for the championship and came close to winning, but his lack of experience was revealed and he made frequent shot mistakes in the match. In the end, after a close full set, they lost 3-4 (15-8 3-15 8-15 15-9 15-9 0-11). In particular, in the final set, he was unable to score a single point due to the skill and momentum of Martinez, who won the championship four times in his career.

Mori said at a press conference immediately after finishing as runner-up, “I was so nervous because I thought I would win in the end. It’s so, so unfortunate and a waste. “I wanted to win so much that I couldn’t show good play,” he said with a smile.스포츠토토

He entered the PBA tour as a priority registration player for the 2021-2022 season, and his best performance so far is the round of 32. He fell in the round of 128 in both the first and second tours this season, and only reached the round of 64 in the third tour. In the 4th tour, he went uphill with a 180-degree different shot, and although he did not win, he finished runner-up, his best performance ever, and laid the stepping stone for a turnaround.

Mori said, “I was lucky to advance to the finals of this competition. He humbly said, “I worked hard in previous competitions, but this time I was in good condition and I think I was lucky.” He also said, “There were moments when I wanted to give up (due to poor grades), but I tried to continue for the sake of the person who supported me. I think I felt confident as I reached the finals this time. My billiards life begins now. “I will work harder,” he said.

Regarding living alone in Korea, he said, “I don’t feel uncomfortable because everyone treats me kindly. Also, Korea is one of the world’s billiards powers. “I am working hard because I want to improve my skills,” he said.

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