First win of the season against SK and KT

  • December 15, 2022

SK, which operated the first big lineup of the season, won its first win after two losses against KT.

Seoul SK won 79-71 in a match against Suwon KT in the third round of the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball held at Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena on the 15th. It pushed Daegu Korea Gas Corporation to 6th place and rose to 5th place alone. SK’s season record is 11 wins and 10 losses.

Jameel Warney (200cm, C) fluttered throughout the game. He showed destructive power regardless of the matchup. Kim Seon-hyung (187cm, G) also led the big lineup and showed good performance. In particular, with his performance at the beginning of the fourth quarter, the pendulum of the game was tilted toward SK. Choi Jun-yong (200cm, F) also played a big role in air defense.

1Q. Seoul SK 22-21 Suwon KT: Half Success

[Both teams starting list]
– Seoul SK: Kim Seon-hyung – Choi Jun-yong – Heo Il-young – Choi Boo-kyung – Jamil
Warney – Suwon KT: Jung Sung-woo – Kim Yeong-hwan – Yang Hong-seok – Ha Yoon-

ki – Lee Jay Anoshike SK is cruising with 6 wins and 2 losses since the joining of Choi Jun-yong and Choi Seong-won (184cm, G). The grades that were in the lower ranks also rose to the middle ranks.
After Choi Jun-yong joined, SK utilized a three-guard system consisting of Kim Seon-hyung, Oh Jae-hyeon (186cm, G), and Choi Seong-won. The rebound decreased a little, but the fast break and transition attack made a difference.
Before the game, SK coach Jeon Hee-chul said, “We are running a big lineup for the first time in the season. With (Choi) Jun-yong and (Choi) Seong-won joining, they show good performance. So we can take them out. It also means to respond to KT’s big lineup. there is,” he said.
SK’s big lineup was effective until the middle of the first quarter. Jameel Warney and Choi Bu-gyeong (200cm, F) attacked under the goal, while Kim Seon-hyung and Heo Il-young (195cm, F) made a successful 3-point shot.
However, as time passed, SK allowed KT to pursue a counterattack led by Kim Yeong-hwan (196cm, F). Instead of a big lineup, they changed to a three-guard system.
SK finished the first quarter with a one-point lead. The big line-up, which debuted, was half-successful.

2Q. Suwon KT 39-38 Seoul SK : Exchanged punches

[Comparison of scoring trends in the 2nd quarter of both teams] (KT in front)
– Start ~ 9 minutes 4 seconds before the end : 2-4
– 9 minutes 4 seconds before the end ~ 4 minutes 12 Second before : 11-2
– 4 minutes and 12 seconds before end (SK operation time) ~ 3 minutes and 1 second before
end : 0-5 – 3 minutes and 1 second before end (KT operation time) ~ End : 5-5

KT is 2 The round ended with a score of 3 wins and 6 losses. After losing one in the first four games, they won three in a row, but after that, they fell into a quagmire of five consecutive losses.
However, in the first game of the 3rd round, they broke a 5-game losing streak against Changwon LG. It could be a turning point.
KT coach Seo Dong-cheol said before the game, “It’s fortunate that we broke the losing streak. I feel like I’m getting better little by little. There are still many games to play. I’ll do my best.”
KT intensively attacked the bottom of the goal of SK, which activated the three guard system. Mismatch was used. 스포츠토토
KT players actively entered the paint zone as if conscious of their height advantage. KT ran away with a 6-point lead.
However, SK took advantage of the three guard system after having time to operate. Through quick attacks and transition attacks, he quickly caught up with the score by one point.
After that, KT and SK exchanged points. After a fierce battle, KT ended the first half with a one-point advantage.

3Q. Suwon KT 57-56 Seoul SK: Close match

[KT key player record until the 3rd quarter]
– Ha Yoon-gi: 25:03, 14 points (2: 6/9), 2 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal
– Kim Young-hwan: 21:02: 21:00 , 13 points (3 points: 3/6) 5 rebounds (attack 2) 1 assist 2 steals
– Jei Anoshike: 21 minutes 3 seconds, 12 points (3 points: 2/2) 7 rebounds (attack 4) 1 assist 1 Steel

SK restarted the big lineup with the start of the 3rd quarter. It showed all the pros and cons.
SK’s big lineup was not pushed at all by the height of KT’s players. rather advanced. He was particularly effective on defense.
However, it was a bit clunky in attack. The 2v2 attack using Kim Seon-hyung was blocked by the KT defense. Kim Seon-hyeong recorded two turnovers in the third quarter alone.
SK changed the composition of players while maintaining the big lineup. Choi Seong-won was put in instead of Kim Seon-hyung, and Choi Seong-won and Choi Jun-yong took turns as ball handlers. Kim Hyeong-bin (201 cm, F) also stepped on the court in place of Choi Bu-kyung.
KT accumulated points one by one through the scoring of Ha Yoon-gi (204cm, C) and Jei Anoshike (198cm, F). Kim Yeong-hwan continued to try post-up attacks against Oh Jae-hyeon.
KT maintained an advantage like thin ice until the third quarter. The score difference was only 1 point.

4Q. Seoul SK 79-71 Suwon KT: Finally

[SK, Choi Jun-yong-Choi Sung-won’s record]
1. November 24, vs Ulsan Hyundai Mobis (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 92-90 (win)
2. November 26, vs Wonju DB (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 85-81 (win)
3. November 27th, vs Anyang KGC (Anyang Indoor Gymnasium): 84-90 (lose)
4. November 19th, vs Goyang Carrot (Goyang Indoor Gymnasium) ) : 93-68 (win)
5. December 3, vs Changwon LG (Changwon Indoor Gymnasium): 100-98 (win)
6. December 6, vs Seoul Samsung (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 83-78 ( Win)
7. December 10th, vs Jeonju KCC (Jamsil Student Gymnasium): 83-88 (Loss)
8. December 11th, vs Wonju DB (Wonju Sports Complex): 97-68 (Win)
9. December 15th, vs Suwon KT (Suwon KT Sonicboom Arena): 79-71 (win)
* 7 wins, 2 losses
* Rank change: 8th → 5th place

SK’s big lineup was in operation in the 4th quarter. After the start of the first quarter, he showed good breathing again.
Seonhyung Kim overcame the disappointment of the 3rd quarter and led the attack. Warney, who had been consistently active, also attempted an active attack.
With 5 minutes and 18 seconds left in the 4th quarter, SK made a 10-point difference (70-60) with Warney’s goal under the goal. The flow has completely passed to SK.
Warney didn’t stop. He overcame KT’s pursuit with explosive dunks and scoring in a row.
SK has another weapon. SK’s big lineup brought its first victory against KT in the 2022-2023 season.

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