First-class lodging · Top-notch suits · Home-cooked meals for every meal… In the 4th round, even the reward is ‘duduk’

  • February 16, 2023

■ KBO and WBC national team support

320,000 won per night Living at a resort

with millions of won Raise your dignity by matching clothes

Korean food cooks

move to independent kitchens and cooking business class flights

Goal Reward 300 million won when advancing to the semifinals

The 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) team sets out to reproduce the legend of the semifinals with full support befitting the national team.먹튀검증

Food, clothing, and lodging are literally top-notch support. According to the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) on the 16th (Korean time), items related to the baseball team airlifted from Korea amount to 3 tons. This is cargo excluding basic equipment such as bats and gloves. It contains various training tools, portable medical devices, and large equipment bags that players will use during training and competitions.

The most eye-catching is the tablet PC. It contains data and videos collected from various angles by the KBO Technical Committee and Power Analysis Team. In particular, it is known that it contains videos of players from Japan, Australia, the Czech Republic, and China who belong to Group B in the first round with Korea.

The rosin bags (pine resin powder) often used by pitchers were divided into three to four bags by the support staff and kept separately. Local procurement of their favorite brands was difficult, and they were often suspected of being narcotics during customs clearance, so they brought them by themselves.

The Westward Look Wyndham Grand Resort in Tucson, where the national team is staying, is a famous luxury resort in the region. The price per night is over $250 (about 320,000 won). KBO found a space made of individual buildings, not a general hotel-style building, so that players can rest independently without worrying about their surroundings. Most importantly, all three meals a day are provided as ‘home-cooked meals’. During training camps and during the WBC competitions, ‘Catering’ service was used, but Korean food is prepared using the independent kitchen in the All Hand resort. KBO signed a separate contract with a Korean food cook residing in the United States through a local agency.

We also paid attention to the convenience of transportation. I upgraded my flight. KBO has provided economy-class flights to players participating in international competitions, but this time, it provided business-class flights to national team players when entering and leaving the country. He also prepared the finest formal uniforms to wear when entering Japan, a decisive battleground. In addition to the suit, this set of socks, shoes, and belts is said to cost millions of won.

In addition, a hot reward is also prepared. The KBO will pay 1 billion won to the team if it wins this tournament, and 700 million won to the runner-up. 300 million won will be given if they advance to the semifinals, which is their goal. In addition, 50% of the prize money received from the Organizing Committee will be paid separately to the players. If the baseball team makes the semifinals or higher, about 1.3 billion won is allocated to the players, including the prize money (about 1.5 million dollars) given by the tournament organizing committee, which is divided equally among the players. Apart from this, players receive 300,000 won per day as a participation allowance from the 15th, the day of the call, until the end of this tournament. Arizona

Unexpected wind in the eyes… “How cold is Arizona in the desert?”

■ First training session for the WBC team 3 hours of active movement including batting and defense training despite

the Tucson area’s morning average temperature of 6 degrees Celsius

or higher .

In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC) national team,’strong cold weather’ emerged as a variable. On the morning of the 16th (Korean time), the average temperature in the morning in Tucson, Arizona, USA, where the national team’s first training was held, was 6 degrees, and the highest daytime temperature stayed at 13 degrees. In the early morning of this day, due to the cold weather, a rare scene was created where the rain turned to snow.

The national team players who arrived at the baseball field around 10 am local time were surprised by the unexpected cold. The players all wore jumpers, and some coaches blew on their cold hands. In the afternoon, when the wind even got stronger, I put my clothes on and took a quick walk.

Kim Gwang-hyeon, who came from Florida, the SSG training ground, said, “It feels like the temperature is 10 degrees lower than in Florida. I think Jeju Island is better,” he said, sticking out his tongue. Yang Eui-ji, a catcher who came over from Sydney, Australia, where Doosan is located, said, “Australia is quite hot and it was good to exercise. It’s cold here, so my body shrinks.”

Arizona, a desert region, is originally famous for its hot weather. However, for the past few days, the midday temperature has not exceeded 20 degrees. The average temperature in the morning is around 10 degrees. A strong wind was added to this, and the perceived temperature plummeted. On this day, too, after 1:00 p.m., a knife wind swept over the baseball field. There were also quite a few rainy days. On the 14th, it rained all day in the Tucson area, and it also rained in nearby cities such as Mesa and Scottsdale. On this day, the amount of precipitation in Arizona was 8 mm. It was a very unusual amount for a desert land area.

However, despite the abnormal weather, the baseball team players vigorously roamed the ground for about 3 hours. The national team players were divided into pitchers and hitters at two stadiums to conduct catch ball, defense training, and batting training.

National team coach Lee Kang-cheol, who was busy on both sides of the baseball field, praised the players, saying, “The players have prepared well.”

Yang Eui-ji emphasized, “There have been many regrettable results in the game against Japan, and I really want to pay it back.” Koo Chang-mo also said, “If you go to the Korea-Japan match, you have to win unconditionally. I think you shouldn’t lose even with rock paper, scissors. I have bad memories of the match against Japan, so I really want to take revenge.”

Fortunately, the Arizona weather is expected to clear up sometime this weekend. Coach Lee said, “We started training today at 11:00 a.m. when the wind was less. From next time, the weather will clear up, so I think it will be fine.”

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