Figure skating star Yuseong Kim, Junior Grand Prix 1st short ‘surprising 2nd place’

Kim Yoo-seong (Pyeongchon Middle School), a junior national figure skating ‘twin’, came in second place in a ‘surprising’ debut match at a major international competition.

Kim Yu-seong scored 35.93 points in technical score (TES) and 27.11 points in art score (PCS) in the women’s single short program at the 2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating Junior Grand Prix 1st Competition held in Bangkok, Thailand last night (24th). It was ranked second after Nakai Ami (67.49 points).

Nakai is a Japanese figure skater who won a bronze medal at the Junior World Championships last year, and the gap between the two players is 4.45 points.

Yuseong Kim aims to win her first Junior Grand Prix medal in her free skating event held at the same venue today (25th).

He played the first half perfectly.

Her first performance assignment, a double axel, was clean, followed by a clean jump on the triple flip-triple toe loop combination jump, earning a GOE of 1.21.

Her first non-jumping task, a flying sit spin, was awarded the highest level of difficulty, Level 4.

The first jump in the second half was disappointing.

She scored only 0.08 GOE on Attention (beware of edge use).

Then, the change foot combination spin was postponed to level 4, the step sequence to level 3, and the layback spin to level 4.스포츠토토

Kim Yu-seong is the identical twin sister of Kim Yu-jae (Pyeongchon Middle School), who placed fourth at the Junior World Championships last year.

In the domestic junior grand prix selection event held last month, it also drew attention by cleaning the triple axel that turned 3 and a half laps.

Han Hee-soo (Seonil Girls’ Middle School), who competed in the same event, marked 6th with 55.29 points.

In the men’s single short program that followed, Seo Min-kyu (Kyung Shin-jung) ranked fifth with a score of 67.40.

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