‘Fairytale-like story’ Pep, “I hope Messi can say his final goodbyes at Barcelona”

Manager Pep Guardiola has commented on the future of Lionel Messi.

Global media ‘ESPN’ said on the 10th토스카지노 (Korean time), “Coach Guardiola said he would ‘do the impossible’ to return to his home team Barcelona when Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) ends this summer. Messi was forced to leave Barcelona in August 2021 after financial pressures prevented him from signing a new renewal contract.”

According to the media, Guardiola said, “I am a Barcelona fan. I have a ticket (to sit at the Camp Nou). I hope that one day Barcelona will be able to say goodbye to Messi as he deserves. Messi is the best player ever.” did.

“Barcelona have enjoyed their golden years over the past 12 years. It would have been impossible without Messi. I never thought that Barcelona and Messi’s partnership would end like that. I hope the day will come when Messi can say his final goodbyes at the Camp Nou. Juan President Laporta, as well as Messi, will try to do the same.”

Messi’s contract with PSG is due to expire after the season. The possibility of triggering an extension option was discussed not too long ago, but recently the possibility has become very slim. It became a problem when Messi left for Saudi Arabia without participating in a PSG training session.

In the end, Messi even made a public apology and returned to PSG. However, with this situation, the farewell to PSG is becoming a fait accompli. The next destination is narrowed down to three. Parent team Barcelona, ​​Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal, and US Inter Miami are being discussed.

Messi’s father, Jorge Messi, said he would decide his whereabouts after the season. But it’s not an easy choice. It is known that Al-Hilal promised an annual salary of 320 million pounds (approximately 532.6 billion won), but Barcelona, ​​which is in financial difficulties, is discussing a drastically reduced annual salary of 25 million euros (approximately 36.2 billion won). It is the ‘temptation of money’ that is never easy to decide.

‘GOAT’ Messi, who has entered the twilight of his career, is now at a crossroads of choice. Messi sits down at the negotiating table after the season and decides his next career move.

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