‘Face exposure’ Jeju Air riot 10th man arrested on ‘drug charges’

A passenger who made a riot by saying he would forcibly open the emergency door inside a Jeju Air plane was arrested by the police on additional charges of drug use.

The Incheon International Airport Police Department arrested Group A (19) on charges of violating the Aviation Security Act and narcotics management law on the 20th.

Judge Baek Kyu-jae of the Incheon District Court said, “There is a concern that he may flee,” after conducting an interrogation of the suspect before the arrest of Group A (warrant review) this afternoon.

Initially, only charges of causing a disturbance on the plane were known, but during the police investigation, charges of drug use were additionally confirmed.

Previously, in the investigation, Group A spoke nonsense, asking questions such as “How many life jackets were there on the plane?” In response, the police tested a simple drug reagent against group A, and it was reported that a positive reaction came out.

Group A, who did not reveal the motive for the crime, is said to have shown a come-and-go attitude, such as admitting to drug use charges and then reversing his statement.

Earlier, even before attending the warrant review, when asked by reporters, “Why did you try to open the emergency door?” or “Did you not know it was dangerous?”

Group A, after getting out of the convoy that day, saw reporters gathering and lowered his mask down to his chin to expose his face.

A police official said, “We did a urine test with the consent of Group A, and it came out slightly positive.

Group A is suspected of causing a disturbance by attempting to open the emergency door on a Jeju Air passenger plane that departed from Cebu Airport in the Philippines and headed for Incheon Airport with 180 passengers at 5:30 am on the 19th.

It was found that he behaved strangely, such as looking around an hour after takeoff, and said to the flight attendant, “I feel stuffy in my chest.”

The flight attendant moved A to a seat in the front, away메이저사이트 from the door, but after that, he tried to open the plane’s emergency door several times, but was overpowered by four passengers and a flight attendant.

As a result of the investigation, Group A, who dropped out of high school, was on his way back home after staying in Cebu for about a month alone. It was confirmed that he had no history of psychiatric treatment.

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