‘End of silence in 21 bats’ Jung Hoon, the dugout that became pleasant with the first hit of the demonstration game… I got the ball

The dugout became fun as if seeing a player hit for the first time in his debut. Lotte Giants’ Jung Hoon got the first hit to end the demonstration game silence토토사이트, and the dugout took the ball as if a rookie hit.

Jung Hoon started as first baseman number 6 in an exhibition match against the KIA Tigers held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 27th. 

Prior to the game on this day, Jeong-Hoon had been silent in 19 at-bats and 18 at-bats in demonstration games. On this day, he also started, but with two outs loaded in the first inning, he struck out, and in the fourth inning, with two outs and no runners, he withdrew with a floating ball in right field. In the end, he went 0-for-21 in 20 at-bats, increasing his silence period.

But the silence is soon to be broken. In the end, Jung-hoon reported a hit in the exhibition match. With a 3-2 lead in the sixth inning, he got a hit in the middle. 

With Jung Hoon’s first hit, the Lotte dugout became cheerful and lively. The atmosphere heated up as if a rookie’s first hit came out. And the Lotte players in the dugout got the first hit from Jung-hoon in the demonstration game. Jeonghun seemed embarrassed too, but that didn’t hide his happy expression.

As much as that, the first hit for Jung-hoon was desperate. As if Jung Hoon puts meaning on his first hit in this year’s demonstration game, he didn’t seem to hate taking the hit ball. 

But Jung-hoon still has a long way to go. Although he is a veteran, he is in the position of a clear contender. In Lotte’s lineup plan, the starting pitcher at first base is Koh Seung-min, not Jung-hoon. Although they are ahead in defense, in the end, they have to beat Goh Seung-min in offense to become the starting lineup.

Even after the game that day, Jung-hoon caught the bat. Along with Jeon Jun-woo and Yoo Gang-nam, he hit special hits until late into the night, sweating until his sense of hitting returned completely.

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