Dong-ju Moon, a 2nd year contestant for the Rookie of the Year title, “These days, my body and skills have improved significantly”

“I am very satisfied with the fact that I finished the goal without getting hurt. These days, I feel that my body and skills have greatly improved through the spring camp.

” This is what I felt about the spring camp. His goal this season is to complete the season without getting hurt. He debuted with great expectations last year, but it is regrettable that he could not play many games due to injuries in February and June.

He said, “I was injured last season, so it was difficult to get in shape, and I was thirsty for the game because I couldn’t play many games during my debut season.” promised

Regarding the unfortunate part of the selection for the final list of the WBC national team, he emphasized, “I didn’t have high expectations because I didn’t show last year.”먹튀검증

He also expressed his greed for his starting lineup.

Moon Dong-joo emphasized, “I have a goal to enter the starting lineup and am working hard at the camp.”

Lastly, he promised, “I am preparing well in the situation where I am undergoing field training from the United States to Japan.”

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