Director Kim Jong-min “He does better when he catches a cold”… Condition variable appears

 Director Kim Jong-min of Korea Expressway Corporation expected a ‘cold’ effect.

Korea Expressway Corporation토토사이트, which finished third in the regular league, played a playoff against Hyundai E&C, which placed second. Highway Corporation, which won two clean wins, goes up to the championship match and meets Heungkuk Life Insurance.

Before the game, coach Kim Jong-min said, “I said I was preparing, but the players are not in good shape. It’s the change of season, so I feel a bit cold. I think I play well because I can concentrate more when I catch a cold (laughs). Today, Ketbell is an apposite spiker, and Park Jung-ah is an outside heater. He emphasized, “I have to stop Kim Yeon-kyung when I am going to the big angle.”

Moon Jeong-won was chosen as the key player. Manager Kim said, “Obviously, it is best if the setter is good. I hope Moon Jeong-won does well today. He is an important position and has to receive the most, so he needs a role.”

Highway Corporation defeated Heungkuk Life Insurance in the final round of the regular league. Coach Kim said, “I can’t say that winning the regular season is confidence. But the championship itself is different. I think our players will have a good game because they are strong in big games.”

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