‘Developmentally disabled professional golfer’ Lee Seung-min, won the right to participate in the Korean Tour on his own rather than by invitation

  • September 13, 2023

Lee Seung-min won the right to participate in the Korean Tour with re-ranking points.

Lee Seung-min, Korea’s only professional golfer with autism and developmental disability, will participate in the BizPlay Electronic Newspaper Open held at Cosmos Lynx from the 14th to the 17th. This is the first competition where players compete on their own through a re-ranking system rather than as invited players.

Seungmin Lee, who qualified as a Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) tour professional in 2017, has participated in 31 Korean Tour tournaments as an invitational member. Seung-min Lee made his first cut at the DB Insurance Promy Open in 2018, and then passed the cut four times in total, including the SK Telecom Open in 2022, the Golfzon Open in Jeju in 2023, and the KB Financial Live Championship. Among them, in the KB Financial Live Championship, he achieved his highest personal record (tied for 37th).

Seungmin Lee’s achievements are thanks to the consideration and encouragement of those around him. In preparation for the challenge of winning the 1st US Adaptive Open last year, Seungmin Lee gained experience as a recommended speaker and invited player in a total of 8 tournaments and rewarded himself with the championship trophy.

Seungmin Lee, who took second place at the 2nd US Adaptive Open this year, achieved another goal. Seungmin Lee, who advanced to the KPGA QT Final Stage last year and tied for 83rd place, was ranked 39th in the re-ranking rankings in a tournament invited by tournament sponsors in the first half of this year and was given the opportunity to participate in the Korean Tour in the second half of this year. Seungmin Lee plans to participate in the 2023 iMBank Open after the opening of Bizplay Electronic Newspaper.메이저사이트

Seung-min Lee said, “I am grateful to the people who gave me the opportunity to participate in the competition and supported me. Just like the story in ‘Weird Lawyer Woo Young-woo,’ I think I went from an intern lawyer to a full-time lawyer. I will train harder in the future and look forward to the expectations of those who helped me. “I want to do better,” he said.

Regarding his future goals, he said, “I want to work hard in the remaining competitions, achieve good results, and advance directly to the Korean Tour QT Final Stage.” He then expressed his ambition, saying, “I will work hard to become a player who can perform better today than yesterday and next year than this year.”

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