‘Democratic Party Money Envelope’ Regional Headquarters Converted to Suspect… “Handing over nominal money for bread price and wealth money”

At the time of the 2021 Democratic National Convention, the prosecution, which is investigating the suspicion that money envelopes were exchanged in candidate Song Young-gil’s camp, turned the regional headquarters, etc., who were accused of receiving money envelopes, into suspects.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office’s Anti-Corruption Division 2 (Chief Prosecutor Kim Young-chul) recently investigated a nanny belonging to Song Young-gil’s camp at the time, and a regional head of the regional headquarters, Park, as suspects of alleged violations of the political party law.

On the 12th of last month, after a search and seizure of their residence as a reference, they were converted into suspects during the investigation.

■Weekly meeting chaired by Lee Jeong-geun… Prosecutors Securing Statements Related to Money Envelopes

Prosecutors believe that Kang Rae-goo스포츠토토, former head of the Audit Association, and others colluded with former Vice-President Lee Jung-geun to donate money and then deliver ‘money envelopes’ to regional headquarters.

There are at least 10 regional headquarters that the prosecution suspects received money, and investigations into them are underway one after another.

In particular, the prosecution is investigating the possibility that money envelopes were exchanged at the meeting where former vice-president Lee gathered weekly regional headquarters during the party convention.

Multiple regional heads who attended the meeting said in a phone call with KBS , “Former vice-president Lee gathered heads of divisions with the title of ‘Chief of Organizational Headquarters’ and grasped regional trends.” I once handed over an envelope,” he explained.

Summon Rep. Kwan-seok Yoon… Identifying members of the National Assembly for ‘bribes and valuables’

Meanwhile, the prosecution is identifying not only the head of the regional headquarters, but also the member of the National Assembly suspected of receiving the money.

Today (22nd), the prosecution, who called independent lawmaker Yoon Kwan-seok as a suspect, is known to question which lawmakers and how the money envelope was delivered.

At the 2021 Democratic Party National Convention, Rep. Yoon is accused of instructing former Korea Audit Association president Kang Rae-gu and others to make a’money envelope’, saying, “It is necessary to sprinkle money on members of the National Assembly to maintain support tax.”

Prosecutors suspect that the former president of the association prepared 60 million won in cash according to Yoon’s words, and that the money was distributed to about 10 members of the National Assembly.

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