Defeat decided early, but still active Kim Jin-young

  • February 20, 2023

Kim Jin-young (177cm, F)’s active movements did not shine.

Incheon Shinhan Bank lost to Busan BNK Some in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league held at Changwon Indoor Gymnasium on the 18th. 3rd place with 15 wins and 12 losses. It was chased by a half game car to 4th place BNK (14-12). It is half a game away from second place Yongin Samsung Life Insurance (15-11).먹튀검증

After the end of the 2021-2022 season, Shinhan Bank failed to catch Umji Han (180cm, F), who was released as a free agent (FA). He gave his thumb to BNK.

But there was something fortunate. It is also because of the contribution of the mother-in-law. They were ranked ‘1st to 30th in the previous year’s contribution ranking’ and ‘outside the 21st in the current year’s contribution ranking’, and BNK, which recruited Umji Han, could only set up five protected players, including Umji Han. One out of five players had to be handed over to Shinhan Bank.

Kim Jin-young was excluded from the list of protected players. Kim Jin-young is a blue walker-type forward who combines good physical condition, excellent athleticism, fighting spirit and dirty work. Shinhan Bank also positively evaluated Kim Jin-young’s strengths. That’s why I brought Jinyoung Kim with me.

Shinhan Bank is a team that moves a lot and moves quickly. Kim Jin-young, who has a high energy level, can show good compatibility with Shinhan Bank. He is trying to melt into the color of Shinhan Bank.

Also, he can play a different color than Sonia Kim (177cm, F) or Geumgul (180cm, F). If Kim Jin-young’s energy level is eaten by other teams, Shinhan Bank’s forward line can create a synergistic effect.

Kim Jin-young played an average of 32 minutes in 26 games in the 2022-2023 season. He is averaging 11.58 points, 6.2 rebounds (2.5 offense) and 2.7 assists per game. Career highs in playing time, goals and assists. Together with Sonia Kim, the one-two punch was firmly established.

And the BNK exhibition comes with a special meaning to Kim Jin-young. It is because Kim Jin-young ate rice with BNK players for nearly three years. Also, if Shinhan Bank catches BNK, it can approach at least 3rd place. That way, it is possible to fight for second place with Samsung Life Insurance.

However, Shinhan Bank played an away game in Cheongju two days ago. Go straight from Cheongju to Changwon. Fatigue was great. Maybe that’s why, from the start, Shinhan Bank’s distinctive energetic basketball was not shown. It was the same with Jinyoung Kim.

Both Shinhan Bank and Kim Jin-young needed fighting spirit. In particular, I focused on the offensive rebound. The visible record was not outstanding, but the reason why Kim Jin-young’s performance was not so bad.

However, Shinhan Bank’s attack power was far less than BNK’s. Kim Jin-young’s goal also did not come out. Also, with BNK alternating area defense and anti-personnel defense, Shinhan Bank’s offensive flow was quite different. Kim Jin-young also seemed to be confused.

At the same time, Shinhan Bank was pushed back 18-34. Nevertheless, Kim Jin-young actively rebounded and broke through. He tried to somehow create a springboard for the pursuit. He didn’t score much, but he annoyed BNK with a foul free throw.

However, there were few direct goals. Both Kim Jin-young and Shinhan Bank exposed their limitations. The first half ended 25-46. It was said that the second half was left, but it was too big a gap. Both Shinhan Bank and Kim Jin-young were burdened.

Kim Jin-young was still aggressive. He scored the first point in the third quarter with a dribble jumper. And he made a basket count with a break through using the speed of the moment. The score difference between Shinhan Bank and BNK was still over 20, but Kim Jin-young somehow shook the BNK defense.

He struggled to block Jinan (181cm, F), who played a big role throughout the game. Again, I looked at the empty teammates outside the 3-point line. However, the gap between Shinhan Bank and BNK has not narrowed. It was like that until the end. Shinhan Bank was completely defeated by BNK, and Kim Jin-young, who moved actively throughout the game, left the court in a state of collapse. He ended the Changwon away game with 16 points, 7 rebounds (2 attacks), 2 assists, 1 steal and 1 block shot.

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