Continued bad news in professional baseball… From search and seizure of ‘back money’ to suspicion of gambling

There is only one day left before the start of the season, and bad news has erupted in professional baseball again. I was already confused because of various incidents, but today (31st), suspicion of ‘illegal gambling’ arose, and the KBO was even seized and searched.

This is Reporter Moon Sang-hyeok.


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The players unanimously spoke of ‘clean baseball’, but another bad news broke out in one day.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO토토사이트) said, “We received a report that a player from a club in the metropolitan area was illegally gambling online.”

Today, however, the KBO was also busy responding to the prosecution’s search and seizure.

Prosecutors seized and searched the KBO secretariat and subsidiaries, believing that a KBO executive in charge of baseball broadcasting rights had taken back money instead of giving interests to the relay channel.

Our baseball, which received strong criticism for being eliminated in the first round of the WBC, was caught up in a series of incidents.

Lotte Seo Joon-won was expelled for sex crimes against a minor, and KIA general manager Jang Jeong-seok was dismissed for allegedly asking for back money.

All seats for the five games of the opening game of the KBO League tomorrow were sold out and 100,000 spectators were attracted, but a sense of crisis is growing inside and outside the baseball world.

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