Closure of the Instagram account of the ‘Turn Kick Man’ under arrest… who how

The Instagram account presumed to be the perpetrator of the ‘Busan round kick incident’ was closed after the ruling of the appeals court.

According to Instagram on the 14th, the account of Mr. A, the perpetrator of the ‘Busan round kick incident’, is not searched from this day. Even when accessing by directly entering the account address, “Sorry. The page is unavailable” message appears.

This seems to be because meta’s operating rules do not allow convicted sex offenders to use Instagram and Facebook. If Meta determines that a user is a sex offender, the account will be deactivated immediately.

In particular, it is presumed that Mr. A’s account was closed because a high school student contacted Meta to inform him that Mr. A had been convicted of a sex crime.토토사이트

According to Yonhap News on the 13th, high school student B said, “I sent an e-mail to Meta after the decision of the appeals court, but there was an answer requesting specific information, so I sent a second e-mail.” The account cannot be retrieved,” he explained.

According to Group B, Meta requested ‘links to documents proving that this person is a convicted sex offender’ and ‘attached files’ to review account closure.

Group B said, “I understand that there is a rule on the meta side that you cannot use an account such as Instagram if you have a history of sex crimes.”

Mr. A’s Instagram account spread widely in various online communities on the 3rd. In the account, the posts posted by Mr. A between February and April 2020 remained intact, but controversy arose because it was full of eerie content, such as revenge and punishment for someone.

Meanwhile, on the 12th, Criminal Division 2-1 of the Busan High Court (Chief Judge Choi Hwan) sentenced Mr. A, who was accused of attempted rape and murder, to 20 years in prison, 10 years of personal information disclosure, 10 years of restriction on employment in child-related institutions, and 20 years of imprisonment. Position tracking electronics were ordered attached.

The judge said, “(Mr. A) assaulted the defenseless victim in a brutal way for the purpose of rape while making the victim the object of sexual desire.”

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