Choi Jae-hoon hit on the back of the hand by Heredia’s bat, avoids major injury…remains in the first team.

Hanwha catcher Choi Jae-hoon (34), who was hit in the back of the hand by SSG foreign hitter Guillermo Heredia’s bat, remains on the first team roster. He suffered a microfracture in the back of his hand, but it’s not serious.

Choi was substituted in the fifth inning of the game against SSG in Munhak on Sept. 29 after being hit on the back of his left hand by the bat of opposing batter Eredia. Heredia’s bat spun wildly after being fooled by Jung’s changeup. Heredia’s backswing is usually big, but it hit the back of Choi’s hand.메이저놀이터

After being hit, Choi complained of excruciating pain and was replaced by Park Sang-un and left the game. He was diagnosed with a microfracture in the back of his hand and missed the SSG game on the 30th, and a double check at two hospitals on the 31st revealed no major problems.

After receiving a report that said, “If you manage the pain for two to three days, you can play,” Choi remained in the first team roster. The team will monitor the condition of the back of his hand for the time being before returning to training and practice. His pitching is fine, but he has pain when he hits.

In 75 games this season, Choi is 2-for-53 (212-for-53) with one home run, 25 RBIs, 35 walks, 14 doubles, 28 strikeouts and a .695 OPS. In 14 games in July, he was 3-for-13 (43 at-bats) with one home run, seven RBIs and a .794 OPS.

With a stolen base rate of 3.9 percent, second only to Yang Ji (Doosan-53.3 percent) among the 10 catchers with at least 300 innings, Choi is an “irreplaceable” force on the team with his steady defense and pitching lead. Losing him to a long-term injury would have been devastating for Hanwha, but he avoided the worst.

Meanwhile, four players, including Kiwoom pitchers Ha Young-min and Oh Sang-won, LG pitcher Oh Seok-joo, and Samsung pitcher Noh Gun-woo, were removed from the roster on Monday, March 31.

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