Champion group pushed back by a gust of wind…Kim Dong-min and Kim Min-jun jointly lead the Golfzon Open

A northwesterly wind of over 7m per second swept the golf course and went up Mt. Halla. Fine dust from the west got tangled with pine pollen, making it even more dizzy. Players also had to pay attention to the sudden gust of wind and the sound of their clothes flapping in the wind. There were many players who lost their address because they thought the ball would move while trying to putt.

Kim Min-joon and Kim Dong-min tied for the lead in the third round of the Golf Zone Open, Jeju held at Jeju Golf Zone County Ora Golf Course on the 22nd. Kim Dong-min hit 1 under par that day, and Kim Min-joon hit 2 over par for a total of 4 under par. Amateur Cho Woo-young is third at 3 under par.

Kim Min-jun made bogeys on the last two holes. In particular, it was regrettable that he tried to make a 3-putt on the 18th hole, where he had a chance to make a 2m birdie. Kim Min-joon said, “When I putt for birdie, it was downhill, Mt. Halla was behind me, and there was a tailwind.

It wasn’t just Kim Min-joon. All players suffered from the wind. The player with the best performance on the day was Kim Jin-seong, who hit 2 under par, and climbed 41 steps. In addition to Kim Jin-seong, there were only three players who hit under par: Kim Dong-min, who hit 1 under par, and veteran Choi Ho-seong.

On the other hand, there were 12 players with at-bats in their 80s. Park Eun-shin, Lee Jae-won, Bae Yong-joon, and Jang Yu-bin, who started jointly in the lead, all hit 79 strokes at 7 over par.

In the final round, Kim Dong-min, Kim Min-jun and Jo Woo-young will play. Kim Min-jun finished runner-up in last year’s Munsingwear Championship after a close match with Park Eun-shin. Kim Dong-min is a bronze medalist at the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games. Cho Woo-young is the representative of this year’s Hangzhou Asian Games.

Kim Min-joon said, “If there is no wind at all, the course could have averaged 2-3 under par, but the wind completely changed it.” Kim Min-jun also said, “I had to hold about 3 more clubs in the head wind, and even if I hit the wedge in the back wind, the ball did not stand if it hit the green. The wind blew the ball away and it was not easy to keep the fairway. The green became dry and hard, so I was very concerned about short short putts온라인카지노.”

Kim Min-jun said, “I’m angry at the last two holes, but I’ll enjoy dinner tonight and play tomorrow no different from today.”

Kim Dong-min said, “I was embarrassed because the wind was blowing a lot. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and I had to prepare for the shot several times. The greens were too hard to play,” he said. Kim Dong-min said, “I am satisfied that I can finish with an under par score. He went with the idea of ​​catching par rather than aiming for birdie. Tomorrow, like today, we will carefully handle each shot.”

Kim Dong-min has been in the top 10 in three consecutive tournaments since the Golfzon-Toray Open in the second half of last year. Kim Dong-min said, “I have a sense of stability about the shot. Since last year’s Golfzon-Toray Open runner-up, confidence has grown. He tried to use the shot accurately during the winter training camp, and his efforts are still going on.”

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