Caught reselling stolen cell phones… A bunch of cash in the rice cooker

Mr. A in his 40s was handed over to the prosecution on charges of buying a stolen or lost cell phone and selling it to a stolen property dealer토토사이트.

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s subway police said it arrested and sent a naturalized Cambodian man in his 40s who habitually purchased stolen cell phones on the subway for eight months from October of last year and took unfair advantage of about 70 million won.

The man is accused of making a profit of 50,000 to 70,000 won per cell phone by buying it from thieves and others for 200,000 to 1.1 million won and then reselling it at a traditional market in Seoul.

In the man’s house, 68 million won in cash hidden in an electric rice cooker and refrigerator and 34 unsold cell phones were also found.

It was investigated that Mr. A used a public phone and a cannon phone to avoid police tracking and traded on the stairs of a residential building or in a vehicle.

The police are known to have captured clues to Mr. A’s crime while investigating the gang of illegal immigrants, Vietnamese illegal immigrants, who were arrested earlier.

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