Captains who fell side by side… Gwangju ‘relief’, Jeju ‘sigh’

Gwangju FC and Jeju United, who suffered dizzying situations in the opening match, had mixed joys and sorrows.

Last weekend, Gwangju and Jeju played the first match of the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 side by side. Gwangju faced Suwon Samsung and Jeju faced Suwon FC. Both teams faced fatal situations with key player injuries along with the results.

First, Gwangju left for the Suwon Samsung expedition on the 25th. In the 21st minute of the second half, with the score 0-0, Ahn Young-gyu, the captain of Gwangju, collapsed. During an aerial contest with an opponent, he fell heavily to the floor. Ahn Young-gyu was carried out on a stretcher and replaced.

Ahn Young-kyu is the center of Gwangju’s defense and team. As captain last season, he led Gwangju to the K-League 2 championship and promotion. After the season, he was selected as the K-League 2 MVP and was recognized for his performance.

Ahn Young-gyu’s role was important for Gwangju, which returned to the first division. He had to overcome the prejudice against the promoted team by leading the defensive line with rich experience. Ahn Young-gyu also expressed his determination before the season, saying, “I don’t think about soccer for staying,” and “This is a team looking at a high place.”

Fortunately, Ahn Young-kyu’s injuries were not known to be serious. An official from Gwangju explained, “Fortunately, there is no major problem.” He added that whether he will play in the next game will depend on how well he recovers in the future.

If Gwangju let out a sigh of relief, Jeju felt bitter. Jeju invited Suwon FC to the homeroom on the 26th. Until last year, a derby atmosphere was formed around Bitgaram Yoon, who belonged to Jeju.

When I opened the lid, Jeju Jungwon showed off its strength. The waist line made up of Lee Chang-min and Choi Young-joon thoroughly sealed Yoon Bit-garam. It was only a pity that the scoring opportunity was blocked by the opposing goalkeeper’s save.

However, in the 7th minute of the second half, the stadium became quiet. Choi Yeongjun, who tried to catch the ball and turn around, grabbed his knee and collapsed. Feeling serious, Choi Yeongjun immediately raised his hand and requested a replacement. It was a bigger blow than the draw in the opening game.

It is known that Choi Young-joon’s injury was not light. An official from Jeju said, “It is not in a good condition,” and “a long-term absence is expected to be inevitable.”

In the first game of the season, the captain left due to a long-term injury, but Jeju is getting stronger. An official from Jeju said, “Even before the match against Suwon FC, we said that we should play soccer rather than other issues.메이저사이트

Ahn Hyun-beom, who took over the captain’s armband after Choi Young-joon’s injury, also strengthened his will. Through his social network service (SNS), he promised that he would not collapse easily, saying, “We lost a lot of players, but I believe that another player will come in and do well.”

An official from Jeju explained, “One of the captains, Ahn Hyun-beom, will likely serve as the captain,” and explained, “The team is preparing for the next game while consoling Yuri, who missed a penalty, and Hays, who could not play.”

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