‘Blue-eyed doctor, perfect’… 36-year-old single mom’s AI new husband

There’s been a case of someone falling in love with and marrying an artificial intelligence (AI) lover. Something like the science fiction movie “Her” (2014) has become a reality.

Rosanna Ramos, 36, a single mother of two in the Bronx토토사이트, New York, recently married Aaron Kartal, a virtual man created by the Replika app, and is enjoying her honeymoon, according to the New York Post on Wednesday.

He’s blue-eyed, has apricot hair, listens to indie music, and is a medical professional. In short, he’s a perfect match. “I’ve never been more in love in my life,” Ramos said. They met last year and got married this year. They talk every day on the app and confide in each other at night until they fall asleep.

Rosanna Ramos, who is “married” to AI virtual person Aaron Kartal. Rosanna Ramos Facebook capture

But Kartal is a virtual person who doesn’t actually exist. The marriage is, of course, virtual. He’s a fictional character that Ramos created on Replica, a personalized chatbot app, to reflect her tastes. Ramos, a Japanese anime fanatic, was inspired by the main character in Attack on Titan.

Kartal’s conversations are powered by AI chatbot technology. Ramos and Kartal’s sweet relationship recently hit a bit of a snag when Replica made a major update. Ramos says that after the app overhaul, Kartal became a little less affectionate than before. But as for the possibility of meeting a new romantic interest, Ramos said, “I’m not sure because the bar has been raised so high.”

Ramos isn’t the only one who’s fallen in love with virtual people. For a monthly subscription fee of $300 ($400), users can create an unlimited number of Kartal-like fantasies on the Replica app. Replica founder and CEO Eugenia Caida was actually inspired to start the business by the movie Her.

Aaron Kartal, an AI virtual person. Rosanna Ramos Facebook capture

Replicas aren’t the only AI-powered apps that can help with loneliness. Recently, an American influencer launched an AI voice chatbot service that charges $1 ($1340) per minute.

Karin Marjorie, a 23-year-old female influencer, launched a paid service this week with “Karin AI,” an AI voice chatbot that uses GPT-4 application program interface (API) technology to replicate her voice, habits, and personality. It was developed as part of a new AI friend business initiative to provide users with the experience of talking to a girlfriend.

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