Black self-harm

  • September 18, 2023

<Report 9>(86~105)=There is no business in the face of slump. Lee Chang-ho suffered four consecutive losses in the title game in 1996, when he was in his prime, but overcame it and was selected as MVP at the end of the year. Lee Se-dol also lost to Chen Yao-ye in the final of the 2013 Spring Lantern Cup, falling below 50% in annual winning percentage. Shin Jin-seo failed to win three consecutive titles on the international stage this summer, raising concerns, but he escaped the slump by winning the Ing Cup.스포츠토토

The scene where Black leans towards ▲. 86 is a cautious resin, but it was better to cut it with ‘A’ and process it thickly like reference 1. When the focus was on the critical point of 88, a fatal problem number of 89 appeared. See also Reference 2 for the alternative made by AI. It means to abandon your ears and grow your center. When White saves the right side at 7, he attaches it to A.

It was cut to 92 and the black situation became serious. At 95, 3 and 1 are moves, but after 10, if B and C are matched, it is a disaster for Black. When it reached 98, it narrowly crossed to 99, and eventually Black lost. There is now only one way to 104. Li Xuanhao first connects to 105 and begins to take action.

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