Because the opponent is too rough… SK’s practice game stopped midway through the third quarter

  • September 15, 2023

SK stopped the practice game midway.

SK held a practice game with a local team in Irvine, USA on the 15th (Korean time). The opponent is BPE, a team that plays in the Drew League. The Drew League also attracted attention as NBA stars such as LeBron James (LA Lakers) participated in the off-season. However, key players had already headed to the NBA and Europe.

Drew Rigg is famous for his roughness. Beyond physical fights, real fights often occur. BPE’s play was also rough. Foul plays occurred one after another.

The BPE director was also hot-tempered. During the game, he came up on the court and gave instructions on operations, and even came to the front of the SK bench to give instructions to the players. There was no end to protests against the referee. Director Jeon Hee-cheol burst into laughter.

The referee’s decision was also problematic. There were so many bad foul calls that it was difficult to proceed with the game beyond the biased decision favoring the American team. Coach Jeon Hee-cheol expressed regret, saying, “It was difficult to proceed with the game because the referee could not stop the match in time.”

In the end, coach Jeon Hee-cheol stopped the game midway through the third quarter.

He decided that practice games were not helpful. Neither the referee nor the opponent were satisfied, and above all, there were concerns about players getting injured due to the rough play. After asking for understanding from BPE, which was the opponent for the practice match, the team switched to self-training.스포츠토토

Initially, coach Jeon Hee-cheol planned to use Jamil Warney and Leon Williams simultaneously in the 4th quarter. It is an impossible combination in the KBL regular league, where one foreign player can play, but it was intended to prepare for the East Asian Super League (EASL), where both foreign players can play. However, due to the suspension of practice matches, the combination of Warney and Williams could not be seen.

SK divided into two teams and held their own practice match. Oh Se-geun devoted himself to rehabilitation separately.

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