Kwon Ah-sol (36), a bad boy in martial arts, failed to weigh in again ahead of his return to martial arts. It is expected that it will be virtually difficult to finish the match as he is 5kg over his contract weight.

Kwon Ah-sol (36) recorded 78 kg, 5 kg more than the contract weight of 73 kg, at the official weigh-in event of the mixed martial arts competition ‘Gobne Road FC 062’ held at the Grand Swiss Hotel in Hongeun-dong, Seoul on the 17th.

In general, when weighing in a martial arts competition, there are often cases where 100~200g is over. However, it is rare to find cases where the weight is 5 kg or more over the pre-determined weight. On the other hand, Kwon Ah-sol’s opponent Koji Nakamuri (Japan) passed the weigh-in with ease, weighing 72.4 kg, 0.6 kg less than the contract weight of 73 kg.

Kwon A-sol, who was scheduled to return to mixed martial arts after 3 years and 1 month after losing by decision in a match against Shamil Zavrov (Russia) in November 2019, said ahead of the match, “I will rematch the players who gave me defeat and take revenge.” shouted loudly. As his first opponent, he chose Nakamura, who defeated him by KO in the second round at Road FC 013 in October 2013.

Instead of accepting the match with Kwon Ah-sol, Nakamura placed a condition. If Kwon A-sol fails to weigh in, he will not play and will receive an additional 50% of Kwon A-sol’s fight money as well as his own fight money.

Kwon Ah-sol was furious at this and provoked him through YouTube, saying, “Watch to see if you can pass the weigh-in or not.” However, Nakamura’s concerns became a reality as Kwon A-sol failed to weigh-in to an absurd level. 토토

Nakamura has yet to decide whether he will accept a match against Kwon Ah-sol, who weighs over 5 kg under his contract weight. Nakamura smiled dejectedly when Kwon Ah-sol failed the weigh-in.

Some point out that the 73kg limit was unreasonable from the beginning. Kwon Ah-sol, who had a hiatus of the past three years, is said to have weighed close to 95kg. It is possible to lose 10 kg before the game, but losing 22 kg is not an easy task. At least, some say that it is amazing that she lost 17 kg.

Kwon A-sol is said to have been confident in his weight loss when he had 6 kg left 4 days before the game. However, he hasn’t lost any more weight since. He tried to lose weight until the day of the weigh-in, but couldn’t get it right.

On the other hand, Goobne Road FC 062 will be played with 8 games in the 1st division and 5 games in the 2nd division. It will be broadcast live on SPOTV from 4:00 pm on the 18th.