Assist Park Si-yul, who was not intimidated by consecutive losses, “I will quickly catch up with other teams”

For the first time, I played in other basketball classes and official competitions, and I felt a lot of difference. I will practice more so that I can catch up quickly.”

Assisted Basketball Class, a youth basketball class representing Nonhyeon and Gojan-dong, Incheon, participated in the youth division of the 2023 Bupyeong-gu Association President’s Basketball Tournament held at the Multipurpose Gymnasium in Bupyeong-gu, Incheon on the 29th and played two games. Assist, who played in Group A of the tournament along with Wings and G&G Geomam, was unfortunately eliminated from the group stage with two consecutive losses.

The assist youth national team, which made its first national team this year and started official activities starting with this tournament, received applause for doing its best until the end of each game despite difficult circumstances. 

Although there was a physical inferiority compared to other teams because the upper and lower grades of elementary school competed together,크크크벳 the assist players showed their best by actively participating in the game until the buzzer sounded regardless of the score difference. 

Among them, Park Si-yul, who played an active role as the team’s main scorer, stood out. Park Si-yul, a sixth grader at Sariul Elementary School in Incheon, said he had been learning basketball for eight months. In terms of his ball skills, he is close to a beginner, but Park Si-yul is the player who led the team by demonstrating leadership more than anyone else on the court. 

Park Si-yul, who unfortunately lost two matches in a row, came out of the court in a spirited manner, saying, “This is the first time I left the assist gym and played against another team in a different gym. It’s a pity to lose in a row, but I will practice more so that I can catch up quickly.” 

“Currently, I practice twice a week at the assist gym. I am learning how to dribble and I feel good when my shooting passes through the rim, so I am constantly learning basketball,” he said. I always regretted doing it. Then I learned to play basketball, and basketball is much more fun. That’s why I want to play basketball better.” 

Ahn Jae-wook, CEO of Assist, said, “Siyul has a lively personality and leadership. He was like that in today’s game, but he leads the children well even during practice. I will work hard to create a good synergy effect with my friends in the future.” He evaluated Park Si-yul as a player who has more leadership and can grow further in the future.

Park Si-yul, who said that he wanted to win in future competitions even though he did not have a chance to win in the first official competition, said, “I want to practice hard and get good results with my friends. Since this is the beginning, I will try harder.” 

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