“Arsenal beat Man City, 100%”… Southampton FW ‘Confident’ facing both teams in two weeks

There is a striker who has faced both Arsenal and Manchester City in the past two weeks. That’s Southampton’s Theo Walcott.

Southampton met Man City on the 9th and lost 1-4. And two weeks later, on the 22nd, we met Arsenal and drew 3-3. A huge loss to Man City and a draw to Arsenal. Looking at the results, Man City obviously produced good results, but the feeling of Walcott facing them in person was different. Arsenal are much stronger.

After the draw with Arsenal, Walcott said메이저놀이터: “Arsenal are better than Man City. Arsenal have a much better performance. Last week I played Manchester City and now I play Arsenal. I feel Arsenal are stronger. That’s how I see Arsenal and Manchester City right now.”

On the 27th, Arsenal and Man City will unfold a fateful bout. In fact, it can be said that it is a championship game. Arsenal are in first place with 75 points, while Man City are second with 70 points. But Manchester City played two games less than Arsenal.

Walcott was confident that Arsenal would win this big match. He said: “Obviously Arsenal beat Man City. Now Arsenal is a team that anyone can beat. 100%. Truly Arsenal are an amazing team. Arsenal are the best team in the league, so we will get a lot of positive things from the result of the match against Man City. “, predicted.

Walcott’s predictions went the opposite way, with many pundits judging that Manchester City had the better edge to win the title. He also said that his arm bends inward. Walcott was a star striker who played for Arsenal for 13 seasons from 2006 to 2018. In total he appeared in 396 matches and scored 108 goals. Walcott has the red blood of Arsenal still running through his body.

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